Teen Mom 2: Jenelle Evans talks co-parenting with ex Nathan, says he’s skipping time with their son Kaiser

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans say ex Nathan Griffith has been skpping out on time with theri son Kaiser
Jenelle Evans and David Eason talk co-parenting with Nathan Griffith. Pic credit:@JenelleEason/Youtube

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans released the latest episode of her podcast, and she had quite a bit to say about co-parenting with her ex Nathan Griffith. The former MTV personality revealed that Kaiser’s dad has been preoccupied with his new girlfriend lately and has been skipping time with their son.

Jenelle was joined on the podcast by her husband David Eason and he also chimed in on Nathan’s relationship with Kaiser. Interestingly, Jenelle kept saying that she didn’t want to get into the topic of what’s been going on with Nathan, but she continued to talk about it nonetheless.

It doesn’t seem as if there is any tension between Nathan and the Easons based on the conversation, but Nathan might have a problem with what they just shared on the podcast.

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Jenelle Evans says Nathan has been skipping time with their son Kaiser

The former Teen Mom 2 star recently sought ideas from her followers about what to discuss on her podcast and she’s running with those ideas. In the latest episode of The Jenelle Evans Podcast, the mom-of-three sat with her husband David to talk about some of the topics that people had sent in for her to discuss.

Some people wanted Jenelle to talk about her current co-parenting relationship with ex Nathan who is the father of her six-year-old son Kaiser.

At first, Jenelle revealed that things were going good but she later added, “If you wanna be completely honest, you know Nathan’s been very distracted lately in Florida with a new relationship– which I’m not gonna comment on because it’s none of my business.”

Jenelle continued, “Nathan, you need to stop skipping…but that’s all I’m gonna say about it cause I don’t wanna talk s**t about Nathan because Nathan tries to be a good dad.”

The problem though is that Nathan is too far away.

“I mean I think he should move, I think he should move up here somewhere…” remarked David.

Jenelle and David Eason want Nathan to move closer to son Kaiser

During their conversation about Nathan and his relationship with Kaiser, the Teen Mom 2 star noted that distance is also an issue with Nathan not being able to see his son as much as she would like.

Jenelle and her husband David Eason both agreed that Nathan should not be living in Florida since Kaiser lives with them in North Carolina.

“We tell him this all the time, that he should be living closer to Kaiser,” revealed Jenelle.

David also chimed in, “They have a great relationship, but they need to be closer together.”

However, Jenelle noted that “his focus isn’t on that, which is annoying.”

“I wouldn’t mind if he lived right down the damn street…” added David. “That would help us a lot, actually, if he was able to be there more and be around more.”

The Jenelle Evans Podcast - Ep. 3

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus on MTV.

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