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Teen Mom 2: Jade Cline admits her life is far from perfect, says that’s why people relate to her story

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline says people relate to her life because it's not perfect.
Jade Cline admits her life is not perfect. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline says she’s been getting a slew of messages from viewers who relate to her story. The 24-year-old surmises that her less-than-perfect life is something many people can relate to, and fans have been flooding her DMs with stories similar to hers.

This season Jade and her boyfriend Sean Austin have been getting a lot of support as his battle to get clean continues to play out. After years of being an addict, Sean finally decided to get help, so he packed his bags –leaving Jade and their daughter Kloie behind– to work on himself in rehab.

But being a single mom wasn’t all that Jade had to deal with amid Sean’s absence from their lives.

Jade Cline says many people can relate to her imperfect life

The Teen Mom 2 star and her mom, Christy, had a rocky relationship for years, and after Sean left for rehab, Christy had more drama to unload on Jade.

While Jade was hopeful that Christy would help her with Kloie during Sean’s absence, Christy dropped a bomb on her daughter about having to spend time in jail and wanting to live with Jade after serving her time.

Jade was less than thrilled about both scenarios.

Luckily, her mom managed to avoid jail time, but it was a very stressful time for the MTV personality nonetheless. However, Jade noted that many people could relate to her life despite her challenges.

“My DMs are flooding with so many messages [with] people sharing their stories that are similar to mine and I f**k with that so hard,” wrote Jade on Twitter.

The young mom admitted that her “life isn’t perfect” but said it wouldn’t make any sense for her to pretend as if it was or to hide certain things from the public.

“Perfect lives aren’t relatable nor real,” added Jade.

Jade Cline admits her life is not perfect but people can relate.
Pic credit: @jade_desere/Twitter

Jade Cline and Sean Austin are doing much better since rehab

While Jade’s life is admittedly not perfect, it’s gotten a lot better since she filmed the latest season of Teen Mom 2.

Sean has already left rehab and is doing better than ever now that he’s clean. He’s a better boyfriend and a father to their daughter.

Jade has spoken about the drastic progress Sean has made since we last saw him on the show, and judging by their social media photos, the couple appears to be happier than ever.

However, that’s not the only good news Jade has shared recently.

Her relationship with her mom has improved also, and she recently gave a shout-out to Christy for doing so well. The reality TV personality told people on social media that her mom has come far.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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