Teen Mom 2: Is Jade Cline trying to protect her mom Christy from doing time in jail?

Jade Cline and mom Christy Smith of Teen Mom 2
Is Jade Cline trying to protect her mom Christy from serving jail time? Pic credit: MTV

Some Teen Mom 2 fans think Jade Cline might be defending her mom, Christy Smith, because she’s trying to keep her out of jail.

Jade has made headlines a lot lately for the drama surrounding her Brazilian butt lift surgery in Miami last year.

Ahead of this week’s episode, Jade issued a statement, warning her fans of some sensitive topics about to be aired in upcoming episodes.

This week fans watched the beginning of Jade’s post-op recovery, which didn’t go so well

Jade was in excruciating pain after her surgery and needed her pain medications. Her mom, Christy, took the prescriptions to fill, but still wasn’t back after two hours.

Christy, who has a documented history of drug abuse, claimed she was nearly scoping the entire state of Florida looking for Percocets, which she claimed weren’t in stock at any pharmacies nearby.

The MTV star has yet to explain where her mom was or why she took so long, but she has denied that her mom stole her prescriptions for herself.

Jade defended Christy recently when she told fans that her mom wouldn’t take her pills. “Uhm no lol[.] My mom wouldn’t take my pills and use them. Also she’s never used pain pills nor been addicted to them,” Jade told her followers.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Instagram
Pic credit: @jadecline_/Instagram

She also told her fans, “You can be mad at ppl and still love them. Of course I was mad about the situation but I wasn’t with her, never thought she completely lied about how long it took to find the meds, just think it wasn’t organized and should have been handled differently. We live & learn.”

Teen Mom 2 fans think there was more to Jade’s decision to defend her mom

Given Christy’s history and affinity for drugs, most fans of the show agreed that she was not the best choice to send to fill Jade’s prescription.

Many viewers assumed Christy took Jade’s prescriptions, based off the way the episode portrayed what went down.

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup shared an article on Twitter about Jade defending her mom, and fans of the show spoke out.

One fan of the show thought Jade was protecting her mom from jail time. “I am guessing it is a crime to take a control substance from another person and she doesn’t want her Mom to go to jail,” wrote the Teen Mom 2 fan.

Another fan brought up the fact that there were no cameras shown filming Christy while she was gone, supposedly trying to find a pharmacy to fill Jade’s prescription.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Pic credit: @TheAshleysRR/Twitter

“Knowing the mom’s history I wish MTV sent cameras with the mom and dad. Especially how excited Christy got when she heard Jade was getting 30 percocets,” the fan commented.

Another fan of the show pointed out that if Christy wasn’t able to fill Jade’s prescription, she would still have the written script to give back to Jade.

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Pic credit: @TheAshleysRR/Twitter

The fan noted, “If she couldn’t get the prescription filled, the pharmacy doesn’t take the written prescription. [sic] her mom should still have it to give back to jade[.]”

Jade Cline of Teen Mom 2 on Twitter
Pic credit: @TheAshleysRR/Twitter

Where do Jade and Christy stand?

It’s a bit confusing to fans of the show why Jade would defend her mom so heavily after the way she treated her after surgery.

Last month, Jade told fans of her relationship with her mom, “Right now, I don’t know. I don’t think we really talk that much right now. It’s kind of like a long story, but what transpired and what happened to get us to this point is all in the new season.”

Jade promised fans that more will be explained in next week’s episode, so curious fans will definitely be watching.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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