Teen Mom 2: Here’s why people think Chelsea Houska’s HGTV show will only last one season

Chelsea Houska
Chelsea Houska’s new HGTV show is currently in production. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom fans first saw Chelsea Houska when she debuted on 16 and Pregnant after having her daughter, Aubree, now 12 years old, with her ex, Adam Lind.

While fans felt for Chelsea throughout her time on the show — due to Adam’s carelessness and nonchalant attitude toward both Aubree and Chelsea — they are so happy she found her person in Cole DeBoer.

Now, Chelsea and Cole have three other children together: one son, Watson, who is 5, and two daughters, Layne and Walker, who are 3 and 1, respectively. She also exited the Teen Mom 2 show over two years ago to get away from sharing her entire life, and her kids’ lives, with the world.

But now, the couple will be airing their very own HGTV show, called Farmhouse Fabulous, which will debut in 2023. The show will help other families renovate their own homes; however, fans are unsure the show will last.

Here’s why Teen Mom fans don’t think Chelsea Houska’s new HGTV show will make it

Just a few days ago, Chelsea took to her Instagram page to post a clapboard with a dry erase message that said, THAT’S A WRAP!!!”

She then captioned it by saying, “That’s a wrap! Had the time of my life, designed some pretty kicka** spaces and lots of memories and new friendship made lookout @hgtv.”

Fans immediately dissected Chelsea’s comment as a ‘cool, we did it, we had fun, ok bye’ type of message, and because of that, they are skeptical the show will make it past its premiere season.

One critic declared just that as they wrote on Reddit, “Why does this caption sound like there’s a good chance it will only be one season? Sounds like she’s saying ‘I had fun, thanks, bye’ lol.”

Another simply said, “Byyyeeeee,” while one other person claimed they had very low expectations for the show because neither Chelsea nor Cole has any professional background in renovations or design.

Teen Mom 2 fans are unsure that Chelsea and Cole's HGTV show will make it past one season.
Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Other critics diss Chelsea’s all-around style

One critic gave their two cents as they posted, “I have a bad feeling that once the show airs and regular HGTV people who don’t know who Chelsea is see the eyelashes and the black hair, she’s going to get a lot of negative comments.”

Another eye-rolled at the thought of Chelsea designing a house, as they sarcastically posted, “Can’t wait to see more rustic barn décor with cow print rugs and a touch of ‘bless this mess’ hanging right above the mantle.” Another critic dissed Chelsea’s style in general.

Fans bash Chelsea's taste and style on Reddit
Pic credit: u/constantreader55/Reddit

Hopefully, these critics are wrong for Chelsea’s sake, and her and Cole’s show will take off. Most of the Teen Mom 2 fans, while skeptical of her show, it seems, still don’t want Chelsea to fail.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and slated to premiere in the near future.

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