Teen Mom 2 fans praise Kail Lowry for teaching Lux about commitment and accountability

Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2 and her son Lux
Teen Mom 2 viewers were impressed with how Kail Lowry handled teaching her son Lux about commitment. Pic credit: @luxrlowry/Instagram

Kail Lowry taught her 4-year-old son Lux about commitment and Teen Mom 2 viewers praised her parenting approach.

During Tuesday night’s episode of Teen Mom 2 – which was aptly titled There’s No Crying in Football – Kail’s son Lux, whom she shares with Chris Lopez, was reluctant to show up for football practice.

In the car, Lux persisted to try and get out of going to practice, but Kail held her ground and explained to him that once he commits to something, he has to finish it. Kail told Lux that he didn’t have to participate in the practice, but he at least had to show up.

Teen Mom 2 viewers praise Kail Lowry for teaching Lux accountability

Teen Mom 2 viewers were impressed with Kail’s approach to teaching Lux a lesson about accountability and took to Twitter following the episode to compliment her parenting.

“I don’t like Kail whatsoever but I love how she is handling the situation with Lux,” wrote one viewer.

Another tweeted, “The fact that Lux was able to express himself, but also knew there was a boundary & that he had to chill with the bulls**t is truly a testament to what a great mom Kail is.”

“Kail has my respect for teaching her boys commitment,” tweeted another Teen Mom 2 fan. “GenX mom sends you respect!”

“Regardless Kail is a good mom to her kids,” commented another of Kail’s supporters.

teen mom 2 viewers praised kail lowry's parenting on twitter
Pic credit: @Tiff_Dior/@tawnyfolk/@YesIamJudging/@BlessedTess27/Twitter

Lux ended up showing up to practice and even scored a touchdown for his team. However, he wasn’t happy with his performance, and ran to Kail, crying, afterwards.

Kail explained why she instills commitment in her sons

During a confessional, Kail explained what she was trying to teach Lux. “Lux knew he signed up for football and he knew that he would have to be there for every game, even if he chose not to participate.”

Kail continued to tell the cameras why it was so important for her to make Lux show up to his practice, despite not wanting to. “Committing to activities will follow my kids into their future, and so I want to set them up for success, you know.”

“I want to set the tone for the real world and what it’s gonna be like as an adult with a job or going to school or things like that,” Kail added. “I just want them to be well-rounded and be able to commit to the things that they say.”

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.