Teen Mom 2 fans drag Leah Messer for not bringing daughters on vacation with Jaylan Mobley

Leah Messer of TM2
Leah came under fire for vacationing without her daughters on a trip with her boyfriend Jaylan. Pic credit: MTV

Leah Messer has been enjoying spending time with her boyfriend, Jaylan Mobley. However, a recent trip they took to Walt Disney World had Teen Mom 2 critics slamming Leah for excluding her three daughters.

Leah shares three daughters with her two ex-husbands. She and Corey Simms share 12-year-old twins Aleeah and Aliannah and she shares 9-year-old Adalynn with Jeremy Calvert.

The Teen Mom 2 alum spent some time exploring failed relationships — viewers may recall her live-in relationship with Jason Jordan — following her divorces, as seen on the show.

However, Leah seems to be the happiest she’s been in a long time since meeting Jaylan. The two went public with their relationship last year and have been inseparable ever since.

Recently, Leah shared a carousel post on Instagram, geotagged in Disney World, which she simply titled, “You are my greatest adventure ❤️” In the pics, she and Jaylan posed together throughout the theme park for some sweet photo ops.

However, the comments section, which Leah has since deleted and restricted, showed several comments from critics who questioned why she would enjoy a trip to Disney World without Ali, Aleeah, and Addie.

Teen Mom 2 critics question why Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley excluded her daughters on Disney trip

One of Leah’s critics wrote, “And you don’t take the KIDS to Disney WTAF ?,” to which one of Leah’s supporters replied, “She can go places without her kids maybe they want to spend time with their dad.”

leah messer's critics bash her on IG for not taking the girls to disney with jaylan
Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

The critics didn’t stop there, though. More comments flooded Leah’s post with another writing, “What kind of parent goes to Disney without their kids?”

Despite the criticism, Leah was met with supportive comments in response. One supporter replied, “Does it matter they deserve alone time,” prompting the original commenter to fire back.

Leah finds support from some Teen Mom 2 fans

“It matters to her kids who have to see pics of their mom living her life without them like they don’t deserve fun too,” they responded.

leah messer's critics continued to comment about her not bringing her daughters along to disney with jaylan
Pic credit: @leahmesser/Instagram

Another supporter came to Leah’s defense: “Her kids definitely do not miss out. Do you not see all of her other posts of [her] doing things with her daughters? She does a very good job of giving them plenty of adventures and memories, too.”

Firing back again, the critic remarked, “Cool go find [sic] me the last time she took her kids to Disney world.”

Leah did take her girls to a theme park in Florida recently, although she didn’t specify which one. Leah has learned that being in the public eye comes with plenty of unwarranted judgment, and sometimes, the best way to deal with it is not to give it any attention.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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