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Teen Mom 2 fans call out Kail Lowry for sharing footage of son Lux from hospital bed

Lux and Kail Lowry of Teen Mom 2
Teen Mom 2 fans felt Kail Lowry was out of line for sharing video footage of her son Lux in the hospital. Pic credit: @coffeeconvospodcast and @luxrlowry/Instagram

Kail Lowry shared video footage of her son Lux in a hospital bed, and concerned Teen Mom 2 fans felt she should have kept it private.

Over the weekend, Lux had opening day for his baseball team, but instead of having fun with his teammates on the field, he landed himself in the hospital.

Kail Lowry shares video of son Lux in hospital bed on opening day

Kail didn’t provide any details on what happened but shared several video slides on her Instagram Stories over the weekend. The videos showed Lux in good spirits while he rested in a hospital bed.

In the first slide, the adorable preschooler sang lyrics to the song We Don’t Talk About Bruno from the Disney movie Encanto. 

Kail added the text “opening day 😫” at the bottom of the video.

A white hospital bracelet could be seen on Lux’s wrist and a small tear was in his eye while he sang, despite making a trip to the emergency room.

Teen Mom Shade Room shared the video footage on their Instagram, where Teen Mom 2 fans took to the comments, many of them disagreeing with Kail’s decision to share footage of Lux from a hospital bed.

Teen Mom 2 fans drag Kail for sharing video of Lux in hospital bed

One Teen Mom 2 fan felt that Kail overshared and wrote, “Some things should be kept private.”

Another questioned why parents share video of their children on social media when they aren’t feeling well: “I don’t understand why some parents first thought when their kids are ill is let’s post it on social media.”

Echoing the sentiment, another fan commented and felt that Kail should have kept Lux’s issue private. “Those kids get no privacy from the world knowing their business,” they wrote. “Oooooh my child is in hospital let me jump on Instagram and post a video so that everyone speculates what is wrong with him 🙄.”

teen mom 2 fans drag kail lowry for sharing footage of lux from a hospital bed on IG
Pic credit: @teenmomshaderoom_/Instagram

Another one of Kail’s critics pointed out that Kail might be stirring the pot by not providing an explanation. “Ahh this ol move. Let people know ur kids at the hospital but withhold reasons why 😂,” their comment read.

However, Kail found support in one Teen Mom 2 fan, who came to her defense: “Guys she’s recording him because he’s singing. It’s not that serious. Y’all are so quick to judge her for any little thing chill 😂.”

Although many Teen Mom 2 fans felt Kail was out of line for posting Lux from a hospital bed, she received praise for her parenting after last week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. When Lux complained about not wanting to go to football practice, Kail made him show up anyway to teach him accountability. Teen Mom 2 viewers loved seeing her teach him about commitment.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesday nights at 8/7c on MTV.

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