Teen Mom 2 critics accuse Jenelle Evans of ‘scamming’ her followers in online giveaway

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans recently held a giveaway for her fans, but critics felt it was a scam. Pic credit: Jenelle Eason/YouTube

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans came under fire for a recent giveaway that her critics felt was a scam.

Jenelle has been trying her best to earn income after losing several business deals.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans’ failed business deals

Most recently, Jenelle was dropped by an athleisure clothing line just days before it was supposed to launch.

The former Teen Mom 2 star blamed her haters because she lost the deal, telling her fans that she was “canceled” by a “hate campaign” against her.

Shortly after she was dropped from the clothing line, Jenelle began selling menstrual panties online, garnering plenty of backlash from her critics.

Over the summer, Jenelle’s now-defunct cosmetics line, JE Cosmetics, officially went out of business when Jenelle failed to file her annual business report in April, rendering the business inactive.

Now, Jenelle is advertising a “huge giveaway” online, but her critics doubt her intentions once again.

Jenelle’s promotion on Instagram promises the winner a $500 prepaid Visa card as well as over $4,000 worth of gifts for another 149 winners including bicycles, backpacks, and some other various items.

Teen Mom 2 fans bash Jenelle Evans’ ‘huge’ online giveaway

Teen Mom 2 fans took to Reddit to discuss Jenelle’s post in a thread titled, “Jenelle models for a scammy IG giveaway. Scroll for more of the photoshoot.”

“Without any context I thought these pics were of Jenelle showing off all the things David got the family from TJMaxx for Christmas,” commented one Redditor.

Another thought Jenelle’s giveaway was “evil” and wrote, “I hate these bulls**t giveaways, such a God damn evil scam.”

teen mom 2 fans sounded off about jenelle's "scammy" giveaway on reddit
Pic credit: u/YouKnowHowChoicesBe/Reddit

“This is like the showcase showdown in hell,” penned another one of Jenelle’s critics.

One Redditor noticed that the tires on the bikes in Jenelle’s pics were dirty and wondered if they were used.

They asked, “Idk if this has been mentioned but why are the bike tires dirty? Is she giving away used stuff?”

teen mom 2 fans sounded off about jenelle's "scammy" giveaway on reddit
Pic credit: u/YouKnowHowChoicesBe/Reddit

Aside from Jenelle’s failed business ventures, her critics have been hounding her over her latest medical diagnosis.

Jenelle has complained of issues with her esophagus and her spine, most recently telling her followers that doctors found several tumors on her spine.

Teen Mom 2 viewers weren’t buying it, however, and accused Jenelle of exaggerating her symptoms, especially because she’s often been spotted recording TikTok dance videos.

However, Jenelle claimed that her symptoms are so severe that she is “terrified” of becoming paralyzed one day and having to modify her house to make it handicapped-accessible.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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