Teen Mom 2: Critics slam Jenelle Evans for selling menstrual panties after clothing line dropped her

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans resorted to selling menstrual panties after her clothing line got dropped and critics slammed her for it. Pic credit: MTV

Critics are mocking Teen Mom 2 alum, Jenelle Evans, for selling menstrual panties after her clothing line recently dropped her.

Jenelle Evans doesn’t seem to be having the best of luck when it comes to securing work these days.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Sew Sew dropped Jenelle just days before her clothing line was scheduled to drop.

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Jenelle took to TikTok to share a tearful video explaining that her “haters” contacted the company and allegedly alerted them to her troubled past.

Teen Mom 2 alum Jenelle Evans sells menstrual panties amid clothing line dropping her

Now, Jenelle has resorted to selling menstrual panties online in her latest attempt to earn income.

Jenelle shared several slides in her Instagram Stories on Monday, promoting a brand of disposable underwear for menstruating women called Nudies.

One Teen Mom 2 fan created a thread on Reddit and included a video of Jenelle’s menstrual panties ad which they titled, “Jenelle is back online to bring you an “al-ternative” to menstrual products.”

Other Teen Mom 2 fans watched the video and headed to the comments to mock Jenelle and share their disapproval.

Teen Mom 2 critics mock Jenelle’s new business venture

Mocking Jenelle’s history of failed business ventures, one Teen Mom 2 critic commented, “Over/under on how long this brand endorsement last?”

One Redditor made it clear that Jenelle isn’t someone they’re willing to purchase any products from and wrote, “Lol anything Jenelle advertises would straight up be a “do not buy” for me.”

Another critic had some advice for Jenelle when it comes to advertising a company’s product.

“Clean the mirror, focus on the product and ENUNCIATE,” the Teen Mom 2 critic commented. “Also quit with the extreme filtering.”

“How long til they drop her?” asked another Redditor.

teen mom 2 critics mocked jenelle evans for selling menstrual panties
Pic credit: u/pinklobotomy/Reddit

Jenelle Evans’ failed business ventures

Among Jenelle’s other failed business ventures was a company called CelluLight, which Jenelle claimed “scammed” her and her followers for not shipping their products to paying customers.

Jenelle has also been open about wanting to work for MTV again. It looked like it was about to become a reality when MTV asked Jenelle to join the cast of the Teen Mom spinoff show.

However, Jenelle claimed MTV ghosted her and claimed the reason was that she asked to bring along her husband, David Eason.

Teen Mom 2 fans will remember that MTV cut ties with David Eason in 2018 after discovering he went on a homophobic Twitter rant. MTV later dropped Jenelle the following year when they discovered that David shot and killed their family dog, Nugget.

Jenelle’s company, JE Cosmetics, also officially went out of business after the North Carolina Secretary of State dissolved Jenelle’s business license for her makeup line back in April.

Earlier this year, Jenelle denied claims that she was dropped from her podcast, GirlS**t, and even filed a lawsuit against reality blogger John Yates for claiming that she was “fired.”

In the meantime, Jenelle has been relatively quiet on social media since the news of her clothing line dropping her, but if we know Jenelle well enough, she’ll be back online with a new venture soon.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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