Teen Mom 2: Briana DeJesus issues statement citing freedom of speech regarding ongoing Kail Lowry lawsuit

Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesus of Teen Mom 2
Briana DeJesus fired back at Kail Lowry regarding their lawsuit. Pic credit: MTV

The feud between Teen Mom 2 stars Briana DeJesus and Kail Lowry continues — Briana has released a statement regarding her lawsuit with Kail.

Things between Briana and Kail have been tense for quite a few years, dating back to 2017 when Briana dated Kail’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin.

Teen Mom 2 stars go head-to-head

Kail and Briana had a brawl at the Teen Mom 2 reunion in 2018 that resembled a segment from The Jerry Springer Show when things turned physical and security had to break them up. (You can see a clip from the brawl below.)

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The MTV stars have since taken shots at each other on social media, implying hooking up with each other’s exes and baby daddies and Briana spreading rumors via clickbait articles. When Kail spent time with Briana’s baby daddy, Devoin Austin, at the taping of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, she further fueled rumors that the two were an item.

And when Kail had Devoin as a guest on her Coffee Convos podcast, Briana amped up her clickbait efforts. Devoin expressed during the reunion that he wished Kail and Briana would “put their nonsense behind them.”

During the June 8 episode of Teen Mom 2, Kail was visibly absent, and Briana told her followers that Kail was “cut,” then went on a tirade, complaining about Kail not filming everything in her personal life for the show.

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Kail was arrested in September 2020 for allegedly punching her baby daddy Chris Lopez several times. The incident wasn’t filmed for Teen Mom 2, which enraged Briana.

Briana and Kail went back and forth, sharing their side of things on social media, and Briana made accusations that Kail “broke and entered” into Chris Lopez’s mom’s house during the alleged domestic incident.

Kail Lowry files lawsuit against Briana DeJesus

Kail later denied the accusations and eventually took a huge step and filed a lawsuit against Briana for defamation of character.

Since then, Briana has hired a high-profile attorney to represent her and recently requested that the lawsuit be dropped. Now, Briana is speaking out on her side of things once again.

Briana DeJesus issues statement

“I think my lawyer did a fine job of explaining my position in the brief we filed,” Briana told Celebuzz!. “If anything in that is not clear, you may direct questions to him.  Aside from that, I will just say that I think this lawsuit was not a good use of the court system, and I look forward to the judge seeing it for what it is, and ending this as quickly as the judge can.”

Briana continued her statement, adding that her family emigrated to the United States, seeking freedom.

Briana emphasized that she feels she was exercising her first amendment rights when she made accusations about Kail, and insisted she isn’t going to lie down and accept defeat.

“My family emigrated to this great country because we were seeking freedom,” Briana continued. “The greatest freedom we have is the First Amendment.”

Briana concluded, “If someone wants to sue me for exercising my First Amendment rights, they are not only coming after me, but after the generations of freedom-seeking people who have made this the greatest country in the world. None of us will accept this without a fight.”

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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