Teen Mom 2: Bar Smith under fire for using a prop gun in music video

Bar Smith of Teen Mom 2
Bar Smith is taking some heat after using a prop gun in his latest music video. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 star Bar Smith is on blast after using a prop gun in his latest music video.

Bar debuted his new song, Novacane, and for the most part, the rapper received rave reviews for his music.

Teen Mom 2 star Bar Smith flashes prop gun in music video

However, Teen Mom 2 fans bashed him when they noticed that his video included him using a prop gun.

In the video, Bar and his friend danced as he rapped, and every so often, Bar would wave his prop gun or hold it close to his face during certain lyrics.

Bar, who is in the midst of lasering away his face tattoos, shared the video on his Instagram page and asked his followers if he and his friend should release their new single.

“Should me @087roach drop “Novacane” ? or ? let us know!” Bar captioned his video.

Bar also added a disclaimer under his caption that explained his gun was a prop and he only used it for his art.

“*I do not condone violence or gang activity, all firearms shown in video are props used solely for artists expression*,” Bar’s caption read.

Teen Mom 2 fans slam Bar Smith for using prop gun

However, many of Bar’s followers weren’t happy about his choice to use a prop gun and they let him know it in the comments section.

“Question why do everyone need guns in videos? ?? song though” one of Bar’s followers asked him.

Like several other comments Bar received, another one from a follower praised his musical ability, but bashed his choice to use a prop gun.

“Song is fire. Don’t like the image portrayed with the guns,” their comment read.

Another one of Bar’s followers felt that he didn’t need the gun to get his point across and wrote, “you can definitely rap and you can probably make it in the game, I just don’t get the gun… you’re still believable without it.”

bar smith and his followers commented about his prop gun on instagram
Bar and his followers commented about his prop gun in the comments. Pic credit: @barbadbreed/Instagram

One of Bar’s followers supported his decision to use a prop gun and commented, “They get the point of the gun, they just want to keep posting the same dumb ass comment ?”

Bar replied and explained that he only showed the prop gun when the lyrics pertained to it. He responded, “@missdimples94 right I know they do ? only time it gets waved around is when the lyric goes with it, and thanks ??✅”

The negative feedback from his fans comes on the heels of Bar being arrested for willful discharge of a firearm in a negligent manner back in May.

At the time, Bar was said to be celebrating his fiancee Ashley Jones graduating from community college with her associate’s degree. Bar was briefly booked then released on bond.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.