Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry unveils former relationship with felon

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry
Kail was in a relationship with an inmate for years and recently revealed it on a podcast episode. Pic credit: @kaillowry/Instagram

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry revealed that she was in a relationship with an inmate.

During the most recent episode of one of Kail’s podcasts, she dropped her bombshell when one of her listeners shared a similar story.

Kail and her Baby Mamas No Drama podcast co-host Vee Rivera regularly read “Down in the DMs” from their fans, who share wild stories with their listeners. Recently, one fan wrote in, telling about their “Jail Bae” who they fell in love with during a rough patch in their marriage.

After reading the story about falling in love with a felon, Kail revealed that she once fell head over heels for a criminal too.

Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry shares story of former relationship with prison inmate

“I don’t know though, like, my felon, to this day he has my heart and love,” Kail revealed, with Vee agreeing that her former felonious flame was a “genuinely sweet person.” She also noted that the adjustments he would have to make outside of prison were the reason they ended things.

Going on about how loyal Kail’s ex-inmate love interest was, she described him as “f**king ride or die” and added, “I told him, I said, at the end of the day, I love you so much, I said, but you know, I… you’ve been in prison for nine years. And you’re gonna be in there, you know, for the rest of this year and when you come out you’re gonna have to do at lot of adjusting to society, and I don’t think I should be a distraction from that.”

She continued, “And I don’t think that it’s realistic for you to move to Delaware you know, right away, and things like that. I said when you get out, call me. But like right now, I mean I was, in the thick of my depression too, so I was like, I can’t…”

Kail noted that her Jail Bae didn’t have a driver’s license and hadn’t interacted on social media in years, so his adjustment to life outside of prison was going to be a major one. She felt that he wasn’t a bad person, but that he just got caught up with the wrong people. Although she didn’t mention the crime he committed (noting that he didn’t kill anyone), she felt that he was “over-sentenced” for his crime.

Kail seems to have found love again

Kail hasn’t had much luck in her relationships in recent years, but it looks as though she might have found the love of her life. Earlier this month, during an episode of Coffee Convos with Lindsie Chrisley, Kail told their listeners she had met the love of her life and was ready to go public with their relationship.

Coming off the heels of a two-year relationship with Malik Montgomery after things went south with her third baby daddy Chris Lopez, Kail is rumored to be dating Elijah Scott, AKA “Hot Neighbor.” She has yet to reveal his identity, only revealing pics without his face when she soft-launched him on Instagram before he (sort of) made an appearance during Part 2 of the Teen Mom 2 reunion.

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter is currently in production and is slated to premiere in the near future.

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