Tammy Ly says both Aaron Clancy and his best friend James Bonsall unfollowed her

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall in a car
Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall both unfollowed Tammy Ly in solidarity. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 ended with three couples getting engaged and one bromance for the ages. 

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall’s close-knit friendship was often on display in paradise and their bond seemed to always come before finding love. So it was fitting for Aaron and James’ journey to come to an end by ditching the women and leaving the island at the exact same time.

In their friendship, it appears Aaron and James do many things in solidarity, including unfollow Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 costar, Tammy Ly.

Aaron Clancy and Tammy Ly’s relationship ends on bad terms 

Aaron’s first interest on the island (apart from James) was Tammy Ly. Aaron and Tammy appeared to hit it off immediately, however, their relationship quickly crashed and burned.

When Aaron’s arch-nemesis, Thomas Jacobs, arrived on the island he began to pursue Tammy and Tammy ended up choosing Thomas over Aaron. 

This naturally didn’t sit well with Aaron at all and he viewed Tammy’s relationship with his mortal enemy as the ultimate betrayal. 

Eventually, Thomas dumped Tammy on her birthday in order to pursue Becca Kufrin and he is still in a relationship with Becca currently. Tammy was brokenhearted over losing Thomas but Aaron had no pity for Tammy and felt she deserved to learn the hard way after he tried to warn her about Thomas. 

Tammy and Aaron clearly didn’t end their time in paradise on good terms, with Tammy even accusing Aaron of never really caring about her and caring more about his feud with Thomas. 

Aaron Clancy and James Bonsall unfollow Tammy Ly

Since Tammy and Aaron didn’t have an amicable split, Tammy revealed that Aaron unfollowed her on social media. 

She then confirmed that James Bonsall also unfollowed her, which is not surprising considering James and Aaron’s immense loyalty to one another. 

Tammy didn’t find the boys unfollowing her all that surprising either and even found it amusing.

Tammy tweeted, “Aaron unfollowed me on IG so James also unfollowed me on IG. I’m not mad it just makes sense” with laughing emojis. 

Tammy Ly's tweet
Tammy Ly tweets about Aaron and James. Pic credit: @whoistammykay/Twitter

Fortunately, most people are more entertained by James and Aaron’s bromance rather than offended by it, including Tammy. 

Aaron and James happily leaving paradise together ended up being one of the more humorous and entertaining moments from the Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 finale and, for some, it was endearing to see their commitment to their friendship. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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