Tammy Ly explains split with Bachelor Nation franchise

Tammy Ly
Tammy Ly explains why she cut ties with Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly finally revealed why she cut ties with The Bachelor franchise after feeling betrayed and unwanted by key figures.

The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise alum doubled down on never appearing in the franchise shows again and explained earlier comments accusing the franchise of treating her like “second-hand dog crap.”

Tammy opened up to fans on what triggered her blunt words, how she feels about the franchise now, and even if the lost opportunity had anything to do with her being the new Bachelorette.

Tammy Ly talks break with The Bachelor franchise

Tammy is well-known in Bachelor Nation for her chaotic onscreen storylines and for her criticism of how diverse candidates are treated by fans and producers.

However, earlier comments proved relatively tame compared to her recent break with The Bachelor franchise in a series of tweets and videos.

The former reality TV star went on the Morgan’s Pop Talks podcast to elaborate on what really went down and why she stands by her decision to leave.

“We had a really big disagreement that really hurt me,” Tammy said. “I’ve been working on something with them for a very long time, and it just felt like they were not on my side with the entire thing even though they portrayed that they were.”

She added that she couldn’t say exactly what the project had been but that it was something she had been working on herself for over two years and appeared to be becoming a reality in the last several months.

When asked if the unnamed project had anything to do with Tammy becoming The Bachelorette, the star stated that she could not comment a yes or no.

Tammy Ly is moving on from ‘exhausting’ relationship with The Bachelor franchise

Tammy went on to say that she now wishes the franchise the best but that her time there has come to an end.

“They had their favorites, unfortunately,” Tammy said. “I really fought to try to be one of them, and it just, I came to a realization that I was just fighting for something where I wasn’t wanted as much as their favorites were.”

The Bachelor in Paradise alum claimed that the audience plays a huge role in who The Bachelor franchise favorites are and that she was one of the first Asian cast members to make it as far as she did with a prominent storyline.

Despite the disappointing end with the reality TV franchise, Tammy is moving on and putting her energy into other endeavors now. She revealed she is writing a book about her life and show experiences.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.  

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