Tammy Ly calls out ‘ignorant’ question she’s asked based on her ethnicity

Tammy Ly scowls
Tammy Ly sounds off on ignorant comments. Pic credit: ABC

Tammy Ly is known to be someone outspoken who always speaks her mind and she did just that in her recent post.

Addressing ethnicity, Tammy poked fun at one of the ignorant questions she’s asked. 

Tammy Ly addresses where she’s from 

Tammy Ly took to Instagram and shared an amusing video. 

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In the video, Tammy looks fresh-faced and put together as she poses in front of the camera. 

The opening text over the video reads, “What’s it like to grow up on a Vietnamese rice farm?”

Then the video cuts to Tammy looking a bit more disheveled and laid back as she wears comfy clothes and takes a bite out of a banana. 

Tammy gives an annoyed look to the camera as the text over the video reads, “Idk I’m from central NY.”

Tammy’s video points out the ignorant misconception that Asian Americans didn’t grow up in America. Tammy also humorously captioned the video, “homie sorry to disappoint but I have no idea.” 

Tammy Ly sounds off in the comment section 

Tammy’s video wasn’t the only place where she spoke about the weird questions she’s been asked in the past. 

When a commenter wrote, “Who asked that sis,” Tammy responded saying, “too many people,” later adding “we need more representation.” 

Another commenter was stunned that people would ask such questions, writing, “Lmaooo I cannot believe people ask this?!” 

In response, Tammy revealed, “I’ve been asked weirder” with a laughing emoji.

Tammy Ly comment section
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

One comment reflected on the ignorance of the question in the video, writing, “It’s the ignorance for me. like…hUh.”

Tammy responded, “it’s not talked about enough tbh.” 

A commenter highlighted another question that gets asked, commenting “‘How do YOUR people say hello?!’ Uhhh…Hey y’all?”

Tammy chimed in with her own version of hello, writing, “hi dude” with a peace sign emoji.

Tammy Ly comment section
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

Other’s pinpointed even more ignorant questions, with one writing, “WhErE aRe YouU rEalLy FroM?” 

Tammy replied saying, “some ppl are so impressed of my English. But English was my 1st language lol.” 

Another wrote, “What’s your Asian name?”

Tammy responded, “They’re so disappointed when I just say…’uh tammy.’” 

Even Tammy’s fellow outspoken friend and Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett commented, just writing, “Tammmyyy lmao” and Tammy replied, “lmfao someone get me off this app.” 

Tammy Ly comment section
Pic credit: @tammykayly/Instagram

It certainly seems Tammy’s video struck a chord and touched on ignorance that many could relate to experiencing in their own lives. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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