Tami from Basketball Wives weight loss: How did she lose the pounds?

Tami on Basketball Wives -- How did she lose the weight?
Tami Roman’s weight loss has been noted on Season 7 of Basketball Wives.

Tami Roman made her Basketball Wives Season 7 debut looking a whole lot slimmer. It stands to reason that fans of the VH1 series want to know how she did it.

Tami Roman is 5’9″ and let’s make this clear, she was never fat. However, after quitting smoking Tami admits that she started putting on a few pounds. This is very normal but since she spends so much of her life in front of a camera, it only makes sense that she’d want to stop weight gain before it gets too far. After doing some research and changing up her routine, Tami didn’t just maintain her weight, she started losing pounds — and fast!

It turns out that her weight loss success has a lot to do with eating habits but she also used supplements to help curb her appetite. Earlier this year, Tami Roman linked up with OK! Magazine (via Shape) to talk about weight loss. When asked how she did it, Tami said that a weight loss supplement called NV Clinical was, at least in part, the reason for her success.

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Tami boasted that with the NV Clinical supplement, she lost seven pounds during the first two weeks.

After that, she said she continued to use the products that include a capsule (whose active ingredient is mangosteen) and an appetite suppressant (with the active ingredient chromium) that can be sprinkled on food.

Tami even became a spokesperson for the supplement and can be seen in advertising on their website.

Tami Roman weight loss pictures
A picture of Tami Roman repping NV Clinical on their website. Pic credit: NV Clinical

Keep in mind that Tami Roman’s use of supplements didn’t give her a free pass to do whatever she wanted. She also talked about changing up the actual foods that she eats to include more salads, lean proteins, and vegetables. She also reduced her carbohydrate intake, which is a proven way to reduce body weight.

Ultimately, Tami claims she lost 25 pounds — and she looks fabulous on this season of Basketball Wives. With a wedding coming up, she’ll certainly be a beautiful bride.

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