Tahzjuan reveals that she ‘went on a date with’ Tre’s uncle on Bachelor in Paradise

Tazjuan Hawkins films for Bachelor in Paradise
Tahzjuan Hawkins revealed that she knew Tre Cooper from dating his uncle but that it isn’t stopping her from pursuing Tre on Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Tahzjuan Hawkins dropped a major truth bomb on the Bachelor in Paradise premiere.

Tre Cooper is an unfamiliar face for most of the Bachelor in Paradise cast since he was on Katie’s season of The Bachelorette, which was still airing when filming for BIP started.

However, Tahzjuan revealed that she actually did know Tre, and it was for a very unexpected reason.

Tahzjuan revealed in a confessional, and to some of her 1, that she was introduced to Tre through his uncle– who she dated. Yup. She dated Tre’s uncle.

However, that didn’t deter her from pursuing him.

She and Tre talked at the bar. After recognizing each other, Tre acknowledged he met her through his uncle and asked how she knew his uncle.

Tahzjuan then dropped the truth bomb, telling him she dated his uncle.

After a long moment of reeling, Tre said he “needed a moment” to recover.

Regardless, it wasn’t a dealbreaker for Tre.

The two had another conversation and hit it off. The conversation ended with a kiss, and yes, immediately following the kiss, they mentioned Tre’s uncle’s kissing skills.

Tahzjuan has supersceded her previous Bachelor in Paradise reputation

Tahzjuan appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 6. She became quite memorable during that season but for an entirely different reason.

Tahzjuan couldn’t get past the heat of the Mexican island. Every other second, Tahzjuan was seen complaining about how hot it was or how much she was sweating.

She even received the opportunity to go on a date. However, when she went out with John Paul Jones, Tahzjuan couldn’t get past the heat as she dripped with sweat.

It’s safe to say that Bachelor in Paradise Season 6 wasn’t much of a success for her.

However, she vowed upon returning for Season 7 that she has evolved as a person and was much more committed to finding love this time around.

What other drama went down during the Bachelor in Paradise premiere

The Bachelor in Paradise premiere already proved that this season is going to be a unique one.

To start, instead of Chris Harrison, comedian David Spade was there to greet islanders as they entered the island.

One of the most memorable faces to show up on the shore was Joe Amabile, aka Grocery Store Joe.

Joe found love in Season 5 and got engaged to Kendall Long. The two have since split, but being back on the island clearly brought up memories for Joe.

Joe almost left but he began building a connection with Serena Pitt and decided to stay to keep exploring that.

Abigail Heringer received the first date card. She chose to bring Noah Erb, as both had expressed interest in each other already.

While Abigail was closed off at the beginning of the date, the two ended up connecting and sharing a kiss.

The episode ended with polarizing Bachelor Nation star Demi Burnett entering the island.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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