Sylvia Elsrode from The Challenge comments about her ‘unexpected’ All Stars 3 season

sylvia elsrode in the challenge all stars 3 confessional
Sylvia Elsrode during a confessional interview for The Challenge: All Stars 3. Pic credit: Paramount+

Along with returning cast members from the first two seasons, The Challenge: All Stars 3 featured the arrival of several new OGs to the spinoff show, including Kailah Casillas and Sylvia Elsrode.

In the game, the duo had a strong friendship, and their alliance helped form the backbone of a bigger group known as the Treehouse Alliance. The former Challenge finalists or winners included Veronica Portillo, Jemmye Carroll, Tina Bridges, Roni Chance, and Derrick Kosinski.

That group made it their mission to go after two OGs, as they set their sights on Kendal Darnell and her friend KellyAnne Judd. However, in All Stars 3, Episode 6, things got shaken up for the Treehouse, with one of their members ousted from the game.

Treehouse member eliminated in All Stars 3, Episode 6

In a previous episode, Kendal Darnell got sent into elimination by the Treehouse group since they had numbers in The Authority to send her in. Due to that happening, KellyAnne Judd mentioned in a confessional that she’d be waiting for the group to mess up so she could make a big move.

That arrived in Episode 6 of the spinoff’s third season as Sylvia Elsrode had the Sabotage power. Instead of using it against her group’s rival, KellyAnne, Sylvia opted to use it against Jonna Mannion because she is good with puzzles and the daily challenge involved solving one to win.

That game move came back to hurt her. KellyAnne showed superior paddle board skills, allowing her to finish in the top three and eventually win the daily challenge. With that, only KellyAnne was safe from elimination, and despite Sylvia’s best attempts to prevent KellyAnne from sending her in, she was the top choice.

Part of that was due to KellyAnne overhearing Sylvia make a rude remark about her after winning the daily challenge.

At The Arena, Sylvia decided to call out Nia Moore for the event, Star Struck, after seeing it involved a puzzle. However, that choice didn’t work out well for Sylvia either, as Nia completed the puzzle before her to free a pole needed to shoot a ball into a hole. From there, Nia made the required shot with her pole in just one try to win the elimination.

With that, Sylvia was sent home from All Stars 3 and was no longer around to help Kailah and the rest of the Treehouse Alliance as they target KellyAnne.

Sylvia comments on her ‘unexpected’ All Stars 3 season

Following her exit from All Stars 3 on Paramount Plus, Sylvia Elsrode shared an Instagram photo of herself next to good friend Kailah Casillas side-by-side on a rock as they looked out at a rocky water scene in Panama.

“Welp that’s all folks! This season was so unexpected for me. I left thinking I was about to have a two week vacation and instead got something so much more. I got to play the game with some of the greats and meet some really awesome people. I wouldn’t change that for the world,” Sylvia said in her caption.

By “unexpected,” Sylvia may be referring to her being a late addition to the All Stars 3 cast, as spoiler reports revealed this past October.

In her IG caption, she went on to say she prides herself on being able to “compartmentalize” the game that is The Challenge and separate it from her real life back home, so she doesn’t bring it with her after filming.

“So you’re definitely not going to catch me losing any sleep. Of course we all want to win BUT I’m fortunate enough to have always had a really great reality. So yes, I lost the game but I’m definitely winning in life and that’s enough for me!” Sylvia wrote.

Her exit from All Stars 3 included some harsh words towards castmate KellyAnne Judd as she offered her a “F**k you” after telling other castmates goodbye. Following castmate MJ Garrett telling Brad Fiorenza he had nothing personal towards him, Sylvia told KellyAnne, “It is personal.”

Based on Sylvia’s comments above, she’s not letting that bad energy linger after All Stars 3. However, it certainly seemed like she and KellyAnne did not like one another based on the footage shown and comments KellyAnne made in podcast interviews.

The Challenge: All Stars 3 episodes arrive Wednesdays on Paramount Plus.

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