Sydney Hightower says she has The Bachelor to thank for her NFL fiance

Sydney Hightower
Sydney Hightower shares how The Bachelor franchise led her to her now fiance. Pic credit: ABC

Sydney Hightower made an impression on Bachelor Nation fans and Peter Weber during Season 24 of The Bachelor.

While Sydney didn’t end up with Peter’s final rose or his heart as she was eliminated in week 6, she has luckily found the man of her dreams since.

In fact, Sydney met her future husband, NFL player Fred Warner, just a few weeks after The Bachelor aired, and she was eliminated. They got engaged in May of 2021 and are currently planning their wedding in San Diego, and it is set for this coming summer.

Recently, Sydney was a guest on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young. While on the show, Sydney told viewers that The Bachelor show actually brought her and Fred together.

How did Sydney Hightower say The Bachelor brought her to her future husband?

Sydney had stated that Fred had been single, and his team, the San Francisco 49ers, had just lost in the Super Bowl, so he was pretty down and out. He allegedly wasn’t socializing or even getting out of the house much.

His family, however, are big fans of The Bachelor and watch the show religiously. So when they saw Sydney on Peter’s season, they knew that Fred had to meet her.

Sydney stated, “His brother’s wife FaceTimed him and told him there was a girl on ‘The Bachelor’ that was his type and his vibe. He thought she was being ridiculous, but he reached out. He waited until I was sent home, and around two weeks later, he found me on Instagram and shot his shot!”

Because Fred hadn’t been familiar with the show or how it worked, he waited a bit before trying to contact Sydney. However, thankfully Fred listened to his family and made that first move.

Sydney talked about how thankful she is for the show

Sydney revealed over and over how grateful she was and still is to The Bachelor for bringing her and Fred together in the way that it did.

She then claimed, “His family takes a little credit! He did the work, but they definitely found me. The show brings people together in the weirdest ways. It’s the biggest blessing I’ve ever had in my life.”

Sydney exclaimed that, without the show, she never, ever would have found Fred, and the man she gets to spend the rest of her life with may have slipped through her fingers.

For the entire podcast episode with Sydney and co-hosts Becca and Michelle, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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