Susie Evans says no to Paradise: Will she ever try dating in Bachelor Nation again? 

Susie Evans
Susie Evans appeared on The Bachelor Season 26 with Clayton Echard. Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Susie Evans has moved on from Clayton Echard and recently revealed whether she sees more Bachelor Nation lovers and appearances in her future. 

After her breakup, Susie addressed potentially going on Bachelor in Paradise and didn’t hold back with her thoughts. 

The Bachelor Nation star admitted that the idea of BIP sounded like a “nightmare” for several reasons. 

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Susie also shared where she stands in her dating life post-Clayton. 

She’s been linked to The Bachelorette Season 17 star Justin Glaze, and she clarified the nature of their relationship in her recent interview. 

She also opened up on what it would take to ever date a member of Bachelor Nation again.

Susie Evans shares her thoughts on dating more Bachelor Nation stars 

Susie spoke with Us Weekly’s Here for the Right Reasons podcast to discuss all things Bachelor Nation. 

Susie said she doesn’t think she’d ever hit the beach when speaking about the possibility of going on a future season of Bachelor in Paradise. 

She shared, “…It actually sounds like my nightmare, if I’m being honest.” 

Susie admitted there was a time when she felt BIP was a great way for lasting couples to form, especially because it offers more options than a show like The Bachelor. However, the latest season of Bachelor in Paradise changed her mind. 

She expressed that watching Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 made her realize being on the show would be a nightmare because she’d have to be in swimsuits on camera, and the producers bring down “literal temptation” via newcomers that arrive on the island and have a lot going for them like being intelligent, beautiful, and funny. 

Susie shared, “I have a lot of great coping mechanisms. I have a lot of confidence, but I don’t know that I would willingly sign up for that.” 

While not looking to find love on BIP, Susie is still open to dating and could even consider dating another Bachelor Nation star. However, she’s focusing on herself in this season first and foremost. 

Susie expressed that after putting a lot into her relationship with Clayton, she’s looking forward to taking time for herself. 

She added, “I’m definitely open to dating. Somebody asked me on a date yesterday, and I immediately started sweating, and I was like, ‘I don’t know if I can do this.’ Not because I’m not ready, just because dating is scary.” 

When asked about dating someone from Bachelor Nation, having privacy and time to really assess the relationship was essential to Susie. 

She shared, “I think that I would really have to be interested in the person, and I would wanna get to know them before ever, like, going out with them publicly. I would really wanna vet that call.”

Susie explained that while she doesn’t care too much about photos being taken and the public frenzy around Bachelor Nation relationships, she still would want to make sure she really likes the Bachelor Nation star before even going on a first date “because I think it gets complicated when people wanna talk about it.” 

Susie Evans ‘had so much fun’ collaborating with Justin Glaze 

Bachelor Nation stars Justin and Susie previously linked up, but it wasn’t romantic. 

Susie explained that she and Justin aren’t dating but instead are launching a collaboration. 

Justin joined Susie for her blog, and she shared more details on how the collab came to be. 

Susie explained that Justin needed videography for an ad, so he reached out to Susie for help. Susie got Justin to agree to join her blog in exchange for her services. 

According to Susie, the pair had a blast working together, and she believes their collaboration will be just as entertaining for fans. 

The Bachelor premieres Monday, January 23, at 8/7c on ABC. 

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