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Susie Evans FaceTimes Clayton Echard with Bachelor exes Mara Agrait and Claire Heilig

Mara Agrait, Claire Heilig, and Susie Evans
Mara Agrait, Claire Heilig, and Susie Evans reunite and video chat Clayton Echard. Pic credit: @claireheilig/Instagram

Susie Evans reunited for a girls’ night out with fellow The Bachelor contestants Mara Agrait and Claire Heilig.

The former Bachelor women cozied up for drinks and dinner before Facetiming their shared TV ex, Clayton Echard.

Here’s what Susie had to say about reuniting with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriends and where Clayton stands with night one contestant Claire now.

Susie Evans, Mara Agrait, and Claire Heilig video call Clayton Echard

Susie, Mara, and Claire met up at the Orion’s Roof restaurant in Virginia Beach for a night of fun, complete with wine and decadent chocolate cake.

The three women met on Clayton Echard’s Season of The Bachelor, with all three experiencing rocky relationships along the way.

However, they appeared to be putting the past behind them as they posed for photos and even poked fun at their shared dating history.

“Not me touching @claytonechard’s ex butt…” Susie captioned a photo with Mara and Claire as she posed with her hand on Claire’s hip.

Susie Evans insta
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Although Mara made quite a splash in her time on the show, Claire’s journey was short-lived after telling the women she “hated” Clayton on night one and was immediately sent packing.

Claire Heilig and Clayton Echard plan a rematch of their wing competition

However, Claire and Clayton seem to have moved on as they teased a rematch of their wings eating contest over Instagram.

“Bring the wings again too! I’ll actually eat them this time and they’ll be my lucky charm,” Clayton captioned a reposted photo of him chatting with Claire. “Not eating them is clearly why I lost last time.”

Clayton Echard insta
Pic credit: @claytonechard/Instagram

Mara also jumped into the fun as she made a face alongside Susie and Claire as they video called Clayton while he was eating a burrito.

Susie Evans Instagram
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Despite reuniting with their ex, the women appeared relaxed and happy to be back together.

“My girls,” Claire captioned an Instagram post of the three with their arms wrapped around one another while out to dinner.

Susie also took to her Instagram story to “brag on Mara” as she showed off her Bachelor Nation friend and her renovated van. Mara appeared proud of her work as well as she threw her arms out to show off the detailed space and her all-black leather ensemble.

Susie Evans Instagram
Pic credit: @susiecevans/Instagram

Susie and Claire were glammed up as well, with Claire donning a leather jacket and Susie sporting skin-tight leather pants and a pale pink sweater.

The three did not appear to meet up with Clayton in person, but fans might be able to look forward to more content soon as the group seemed to be on good terms.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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