Survivor spoilers: Deleted scene reveals a new Immunity Idol

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Survivor spoilers come from another deleted scene that was revealed.

This season, the show has released additional scenes that wound up on the cutting room floor during editing.

Some of that footage has been very interesting, including a scene where Carolyn Wiger set her shorts on fire while she was trying to get dry.

A possibly game-changing deleted scene was shared that might be used in a future episode.

Or maybe this scene has been released because what takes place won’t be revealed until after the Survivor 44 winner has been selected.

Either way, another Immunity Idol was found by one of the castaways.

A new Immunity Idol on Survivor 44

While four castaways were enjoying tacos and some letters from home, the four people back at Va Va began looking for a new Immunity Idol.

Danny Massa played his Immunity Idol to save Frannie Marin on Episode 9, using his advantage to get Kane Fritzler out of the game.

In the next episode, Danny voted out Frannie, suggesting that maybe Frannie should have taken him to enjoy the reward.

After getting voted out, Frannie spoke about her mistake with that Reward Challenge, noting that she had made some bad choices.

But before Frannie got sent to the Survivor jury, Danny searched for a new Immunity Idol. And he found one.

Later, Danny figured out that he had found a Fake Immunity Idol. The one that he found at Va Va is the one that Brandon Cottom hid earlier in the season.

After Brandon opened the Bird Cage, he got a Real Immunity Idol that he used to save himself. When he hid the Fake Immunity Idol, the footage wasn’t shown.

Danny now has the chance to re-hide the Fake Immunity Idol, but since the producers released this scene, it’s possible that the Idol won’t be seen again this season.

More from Survivor

The current season of Survivor is getting close to the end. Only seven people are left to compete for the $1 million prize, and the Sole Survivor will be revealed before the end of May.

Already, details about a new season of Survivor are coming out. And the first member of the Survivor 45 cast was leaked.

In other news about the show, Survivor host Jeff Probst spoke about why the Fire-Making Challenge is here to stay.

And yes, the Survivor 44 showmance has been confirmed.

To catch up on episodes from Survivor 44, everything can be streamed on Paramount. It’s also a great place to watch classic seasons from the past.

Survivor 44 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Diann Sofroney
Diann Sofroney
11 months ago

Love, love, love this show!!!!
Hint to the wise… get rid of the big bosses first!