Survivor 46 spoilers: People tried to give their Applebee’s spot to Liz

Liz Wilcox Survivor
Liz Wilcox was upset about missing out on a Survivor 46 Applebee’s reward. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Survivor 46 spoilers have come from an unlikely source, as Tiffany Ervin revealed what fans didn’t see in Fiji.

A dramatic new episode of Survivor aired on Wednesday night, with Q Burdette causing more drama.

Host Jeff Probst referred to Q as a smokescreen used to get out Tevin Davis and Hunter McKnight. It couldn’t happen a third time, could it?

At the Tribal Council during the May 1 episode, Q again appeared to be the primary target, but a blindside was carried out to eliminate Tiffany instead.

Following her shocking elimination from the game, Tiffany shared thoughts about her time on Survivor 46. And it included a huge revelation.

According to Tiffany, Liz Wilcox had a chance to go to the Applebee’s feast, but Q stopped it from happening.

Survivor 46 castaways tried to give up their Applebee’s feast

Everyone has seen the Liz Wilcox meltdown at the Survivor Reward Challenge. She was upset about not getting selected to enjoy food prepared by an Applebee’s chef at the Sanctuary.

Q Burdette won the Reward Challenge and selected Tiffany Ervin, Kenzie Petty, and Maria Gonzalez to go with him. Liz begged to be one of those people, but Q remembered how she had voted against him at the previous Tribal Council.

Tiffany provided some insight during her exit interview from Survivor 46. She said that Kenzie and Maria each offered their spot to Liz for the Applebee’s reward. The ladies were willing to step aside so that Liz could finally eat.

But Tiffany revealed that Q wouldn’t let them do it, stating that he was the one who got to pick who joined him. It’s a scene that didn’t make it into the episode and adds extra context to what happened.

Here is the reaction from host Jeff Probst to Liz’s meltdown, to which he implored fans to see things from Liz’s point of view. He was shocked at her emotional outburst but understood why she did it.

More news from Survivor

It was recently revealed that Survivor: Borneo castaway Sonja Christopher has passed away. She was a unique player from the first season of the hit reality competition show.

Liz Wilcox from Survivor 46 broke the news of Sonja’s passing, explaining how she had been in touch with the fellow alum.

Jeff Probst also reacted to the shocking death, saying many kind words about Sonja Christopher.

Jeff also revealed some Survivor 50 spoilers. The momentous season is now on the horizon for CBS.

A Survivor winner teased his return for Season 50, getting social media buzzing.

Previous episodes of Survivor are available for streaming on Paramount+.

Survivor 46 airs Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS.

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13 days ago

Liz requested to become a member of Survivor knowing her food limitations. She voted for Q during the last Tribal Council…and NOW she wants everyone to give her extra edges in the game. I do feel very bad that Liz has such limitations for the ability to eat but that is what she signed up for. Will Liz give up the million dollars if she wins to someone else that happens to need the prize money…no, I don’t think so. This is a game.