Jeff Probst reacts to the epic Survivor castaway meltdown

Jeff Probst on the red carpet
A Survivor meltdown led to a response from its host, Jeff Probst. Pic credit: ©

Liz Wilcox certainly had an intense episode of Survivor 46.

The latest episode showed her blowing up at Q Burdette following a Reward Challenge.

On the line was a feast sponsored by Applebee’s, which would give Liz some food she wasn’t allergic to.

Liz has struggled on Survivor 46 due to her allergies and coconut aversion.

After Q won the Reward Challenge, he got to select three people to join him. But he selected Kenzie Petty, Maria Gonzalez, and Tiffany Ervin.

Jeff asked Liz to share her emotions, and she exploded on Q, blaming him for her spot in the game and stating how hard it has been for her to go without food.

Jeff Probst reacts to the Liz Wilcox meltdown

A new episode of the On Fire Podcast arrived Wednesday night. In it, Jeff Probst spoke about the meltdown fans had just witnessed on Survivor 46, Episode 10.

Some fans may have thought the meltdown was over the top, but Jeff wanted his listeners to consider Liz’s position. She hadn’t eaten real food in a while, had a special bond between her daughter and Applebee’s back home, and had pent-up emotions about what other players had been doing.

During the podcast, Jeff and Survivor winner Dee Valladares also spoke about how real the castaway’s reactions to Applebee’s were. Dee noted that many people have memories of going to Applebee’s with friends, adding another emotional impact to that reward.

Below is a clip of Liz and her reaction after losing the chance to go to Applebee’s. Watch it again before reading what Jeff had to say about it.

“My reaction on the day was very similar to the reaction I had just now, hearing it again on this podcast,” Jeff said after a clip of Liz’s moment was played.

“It’s obviously upsetting,” Jeff stated before adding, “That’s real emotion and absolute vulnerability. And this is the kind of moment on Survivor when a lot of people will make fun, and there’ll be memes, but imagine that’s you. And for whatever reason, you’ve been triggered in the same way. I mean, that is proof that you forget about the cameras.”

“I have a lot of empathy for Liz, but it is also part of the adventure that comes with playing this game,” Jeff explained.

The video clip below shows the Survivor 46 castaway enjoying Applebee’s as Jeff explains how it’s “special” and “a big deal” to have Applebee’s involved.

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