Survivor 41 cast: Who is medical student Deshawn Radden?

Survivor contestant Deshawn Radden.
Who is Survivor 41 cast member, Deshawn Radden? Pic credit: CBS

Survivor 41 is off to a great start. With 18 brand new castaways, the season is setting up to be monumental in its own right.

In the condensed season, which finds the castaways competing in an expedited game only lasting 26 short days, the participants have little time to relax and must keep their minds in the game at all times.

For castaway Deshawn Radden, he says he’ll be bringing all of his skills to the table for Season 41.

Who is Deshawn Radden?

Deshawn hails from San Bernardino, California where he’s currently a medical student studying podiatry.

The 26-year-old has indicated that he plans on bringing different personalities to the show — one that he’ll put on around his tribe and the other that only the audience will see.

“I thought about how I wanted to play the game, and I think the fans might perceive me as a bit of a villain because I’m definitely going to be one way in confessionals and in a different way amongst the other people out on the island,” he admitted during a chat with Parade.

Deshawn continued to explain that despite his potentially conniving ways, he thinks the other Survivor players will see him as a “likable guy.”

To put it all together, Deshawn says, “The survivors should see me as likable, and the fans might see me as a villain.”

Although it might be surprising, Deshawn also divulged that he intends on being completely authentic throughout the game.

“There’s really no reason for me not to be myself,” he shared. However, he clarified that while his home and personal life may mirror the game of Survivor in some ways, he will have to learn something new about himself too.

“In my real life, I am in medicine; I’m empathetic, I’m trying to save lives. And in this game, the only life I’m saving is my own,” he said.

Deshawn reveals which is more important: Strategy or social game?

In order for participants to stand a chance at winning the game of Survivor, they have to find an immaculate balance between strategic gameplay and social gameplay.

If a castaway goes too hard in the game without building the personal relationships within their tribe, they risk not only being voted off during the season but also losing votes from jury members if they manage to make it to the end.

But which quality does Deshawn find most important? According to the med student, it would have to be his social game.

“I think the most important component to my game is going to be the social part because it’s going to be the bulk of what the people on the island see and is probably going to be what ends up winning me the million dollars at the end of the game,” he decided.

As for just how well his plan will pay off…fans will have to watch the season unfold.

Survivor 41 airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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