Street Outlaws: Memphis is coming back, check out the new preview and catch up with JJ Da Boss

JJ Da Boss
JJ Da Boss has the star wattage to make Street Outlaws: Memphis fly as one of the top-rated race shows on Discovery. Pic credit: Discovery.

Monday is revving up on Discovery and being retooled as Motor Mondays, with the American street racing classic Street Outlaws: Memphis, starring none other than JJ Da Boss back in the lane, coming down the turn, on March 23.

It’s JJ’s street, and we’re all just driving on it. Welcome to the most under the legal radar and highest stakes game of street racing around.

In Memphis, it’s all for one and one for all, and JJ Da Boss and his team of drivers are ready to show the world what tried-and-true grassroots street racing looks like – Memphis style.

What’s in store for the new season?

The new season kicks off with a two-hour special premiere on Discovery Channel with viewers able to catch the current season, along with past seasons on the Discovery GO app – free with their paid TV subscription.

Taking on some of the best competitors across America, the Memphis Street Outlaws will be tested like never before to prove that they’re the fastest racers on the streets and bring big wins and solid cash paydays back home to the family.

Discovery notes: “JJ and the Outlaws are ready to bet, race and fight with everything they’ve got, even if it means putting their lives on the line for the hustle of the race.”

This season, new drivers emerge into the spotlight, and first-time racing teams are ready to take on the Outlaws.

Mallory “Molly” Gulley bravely puts it all on the line as she races her new car, The Ugly Duckling, against Kentucky in her first true street race with an out of town team.

With only one small-tire arm drop race behind her, she’s ready to prove her mettle among some of street racing’s best and make her Memphis family proud.

Doughboy’s wife, Chelsea, decides to enter the racing ring as she steps out from behind the scenes and gets behind the wheel herself.

JJ and the Memphis Street Outlaws take on new challengers this season, including Travis Harvey, known on the streets as Carolina Kid, who is eager to make a name for himself and his team of Virginia drivers.

The competitors coming back to take on Team Memphis include fan favorites Ronnie Pace and his team of Texas drivers, North Carolina’s Chris Block, as well as Kentucky’s own Quinn, who’s ready to challenge JJ and put their longstanding rivalry to the test.

Who is JJ Da Boss anyways?

JJ Da Boss is the pater familias with 11 kids and grandkids and wife who races too.

Street Outlaws: Memphis is a huge hit for the Discovery channel based on all of that. They hitched their network wagon to him for a good reason.

There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors with JJ. The hype and self-promotion hide a genuine record of time served, and a willingness to get beyond that and make a mark.

JJ Da Boss, born Jonathan Day, is running a big outfit that is technically illegal, and on top that, there is the mystery of his earlier “bad boy in prison” days, and the whys of it.

JJ is not even 50 years old yet, and he has managed to become a larger-than-life character, coupled with the real-life danger inherent in street racing — on roads not exactly Formula One racetrack pristine.

He is joined by second wife Tricia and lifelong friend “Queen of the Streets” Precious Cooper, who he has described as his little sister, to wager with men who may not quite get that racing can be a unisex endeavor.

Here is Precious with JJ:

He puts his “rags to rods” flourish on his bio on his website and social media too:

JJ said:

“Always, country, poor and Happy. He was the only child of a Pentecostal mother. JJ grew up in the streets at an early age gambling, hustling anything to earn a few dollars…He was driving and racing at the age of 10 on dirt and gravel roads around Mississippi County.”

Whether betting on the outcomes with a crop of new drivers behind the wheel or taking high-stakes bets against new top-dog teams across the country, JJ Da Boss and his crew are ready to “Get That Money,” Memphis style.

Have a look at the preview of what’s to come:

Street Outlaws: Memphis two-Hour Season Premiere airs Monday, March 23 at 8 pm ET/PT on Discovery.

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