Steve Moy shares behind-the-scenes photos from Married at First Sight Season 14

Steve Moy
Steve Moy reflects on the good times shared between the MAFS Season 14 cast off camera. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Married at First Sight Season 14 is a wrap, and the Boston cast has been reflecting on their journeys online. 

Recently, Steve Moy shared a series of behind-the-scenes photos that captured fun times amongst the cast. 

It’s clear the Boston cast formed some of the tightest bonds of the franchise. 

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Steve Moy shares throwback photos with MAFS Season 14 cast 

Steve Moy took to Instagram to share fun bonding photos with the Boston cast. 

Some photos appeared to be from the couples’ retreat that saw Steve and Lindsey getting a bit tense during a game night. 

In the opening photo, Steve smiles front and center as Noi snuggles up to him. Jasmina Outar pokes her tongue out, with Michael Morency smiling behind her. Olajuwon Dickerson lovingly wraps his arms around Katina Goode, and Mark “The Shark” Maher holds up his hands as Lindsey hugs him from behind.

The second photo included a selfie between four of the five MAFS husbands, Steve Moy, Olajuwon Dickerson, Michael Morency, and Chris Collette, whose MAFS experience was cut short when he split with Alyssa Ellman after the honeymoon. 

The third and fourth images featured the MAFS Season 14 cast poolside, and the final photo showed the cast making silly faces together. 

Steve captioned the post, “I was lucky to have this wild group to share this unforgettable experience with. Here’s a few of my favorite BTS pics with the fun and amazing people from Season 14! ♥️??.” 

MAFS stars react to Steve Moy’s BTS post 

Married at First Sight Season 11 star Henry Rodriguez commented with kind words under Steve’s post. 

Henry shared, “Congrats on completing the experience. Enjoyed watching you guys. I’m sure all of you learned a lot regardless of the outcome on Decision Day and beyond. Good luck to y’all!” 

Steve replied, “Henry! Thanks for checking in, I really enjoyed your season, and yes there was a lot to learn throughout the process.” 

Michael Morency wrote, “Damn. You could tell by my eyes in the last post the wine and the cigar was hitting.” 

Steve wrote back, “that night was a movie and a TV show! #faded.” 

Steve Moy's comment section
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

The husbands from Married at First Sight Season 14 continue to prove they’ve formed a Boston brotherhood. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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