Sister Wives: Mykelti Padron’s daughter Avalon is nearly four months old and cute as ever

Mykelti Brown-Padron of Sister Wives
Mykelti Padron showed off her daughter Avalon and updated fans on the four-month-old. Pic credit: TLC

Mykelti Padron’s sweet baby girl is nearly four months old, and the Sister Wives star showed off baby Avalon and updated her fans on her development.

Avalon Asa was born on April 5 to her parents, Mykelti and Tony Padron, in a home birth, which Mykelti hinted was filmed for a future episode of Sister Wives.

Mykelti regularly updates her fans on Avalon’s development and recently shared pics from a pool day the mother-daughter duo enjoyed.

Mykelti and Avalon enjoyed a mother-daughter pool day

The 25-year-old new mom told her followers, “Miss Avalon and I had a lovely pool day #waterbaby she laughed and giggled.”

She shared a series of pics of herself and Avalon. In the first two pics, Mykelti held Avalon as they stood in the pool, Avalon sporting a pink one-piece with a green and white striped hat.

In the last three photos, Avalon chilled on a float in the pool, sporting some baby sunglasses and looking adorable as can be.

Mykelti mentioned that Avalon has been a good sport, despite cutting some teeth. “She’s been teething this week so it’s nice to get happy moments with her,” she wrote in her caption.

And when it comes to Avalon’s eating habits these days, Mykelti revealed that the infant has “also been eating different. Not as much from me and more breast milk from bottles because she likes the rubber texture.”

Mykelti also updated fans on her daughter’s weight, telling them, “She’s lost weight now, down to 20lbs from 22 two weeks ago. Happy 17 weeks baby girl.”

Some fans were concerned about Avalon losing weight.

Mykelti addressed Sister Wives fans concerned for Avalon’s health

She later added a comment, addressing a few concerns she read in the comments from her followers, including concern for Avalon’s weight loss.

Mykelti told her fans, “To address a few concerns. She’s healthy, not fat. She’s eating a little less because her mouth hurts, she’s also more active because she’s moving more.”

mykelti padron of sister wives on instagram
Mykelti addressed some concerns for Avalon. Pic credit: @mykeltip/Instagram

“That’s the weight loss. It’s absolutely fine. My breast milk has a lot of [hindmilk] (the good stuff) when it separates it’s about 50\50. And lastly THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT.”

Mykelti, her husband Tony, daughter Avalon, and their dog Spader recently moved back to Lehi, Utah. When Sister Wives first aired in 2010, the Browns were living in Lehi, Utah, all under one roof, when Mykelti was just a teenager. Janelle Brown shared pics this week of a family reunion in Utah and shared that she got to spend some time with baby Avalon.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.