Sister Wives: Meri Brown is vacationing in Mexico without Kody, looking forward to ‘just letting go’

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Meri Brown is enjoying some time “just being, existing, and letting go” in Cancun, Mexico. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is enjoying some fun in the sun down in Cancun, Mexico.

The 50-year-old TLC star is feeling comfortable about traveling again during the pandemic.

After not traveling for nearly a year and a half, Meri has resumed doing one of the things she loves most.

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On Thursday, September 2, Meri shared that she had arrived in Cancun, Mexico for a six-day stay.

Meri Brown looking forward to ‘just letting go’ in Cancun, Mexico

“Well, I have arrived! Literally just got checked into my suite aka home for the next 6 days. This week is a much needed break and rejuvenation for me. I’m looking forward to just being. Just existing. Just letting go,” Meri told her followers on Instagram.

“Not gonna lie, there’s been a few moments of anxiety leading up to this trip, and even a few moments today. It’s a bit strange traveling after all this time. But Cancun, I’m here for you, you’re here for me, it’s gonna be a good week!” Meri concluded her post.

Meri also shared a selfie, posing on her balcony with the ocean behind her, sporting a “Vacay” t-shirt and her new shorter hairstyle.

A few hours later, Meri shared two more videos on her Instagram Feed, showing turtles swimming in the ocean, easily visible from her room’s balcony.

Meri joined a friend to walk the beach in a second video and told her followers that she was with a large group and not traveling solo.

Meri and her travel partner walked down to the beach at nearly midnight, looking for more turtles when they discovered their hotel had gated off the beach.

However, she and her friend managed to get down to the shore after they discovered the gate was unlocked and she shared plenty of footage of the night waves.

Meri is traveling again after fears amid the pandemic

Back in July, Meri revealed that she had taken the plunge and traveled for the first time since the pandemic struck.

Other than traveling from Flagstaff, Arizona to Parowan, Utah to her B&B, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, Meri admitted that she hadn’t traveled otherwise.

Meri’s trip in July was a work trip for LuLaRoe, for which Meri is a popular ambassador, and she quickly got over her fear of traveling once she arrived in California for the trip.

Since then, Meri has continued to film her Fridays with Friends on Instagram Live with her BFF Jenn Sullivan, where she debuted her shorter haircut late last month, and Sister Wives fans were loving it.

Meri, along with her estranged husband Kody Brown, and her sister wives Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, are returning for an all-new season of Sister Wives in November.

Last season, Sister Wives fans watched Meri and Kody’s marriage continue to crumble, as the rest of the family struggled to function as one family during the pandemic.

The pandemic exacerbated the Brown family’s struggles and viewers were left watching the polygamist family grow further apart.

Next season of Sister Wives promises even more Brown family drama, and viewers will see Meri and the rest of the family finally prepare to build on their property at Coyote Pass.

Sister Wives returns on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c on TLC.

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