Sister Wives: Maddie Brown welcomes two new members to her family

Maddie Brown-Brush of Sister Wives
Kody and Janelle Brown’s eldest daughter, Madison. Pic credit: TLC

Madison Brown-Brush, daughter of Sister Wives stars Kody and Janelle Brown, has welcomed two new members into the Brush family.

Madison and her husband Caleb Brush, who celebrated five years of marriage this past June, live in North Carolina with their son Axel and their daughter Evie K.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Maddie and Caleb welcomed a family member into their home over the summer.

Maddie’s sister, Ysabel, who shares parents Kody and Christine Brown, moved in with Maddie’s family while she’s studying in school.

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown-Brush’s family has grown by two

Now, the Brush family has grown by two new members, and specifically by eight paws.

The 25-year-old mom of two took to her Instagram feed on Saturday, October 23 telling her 374k followers, “Well, we did a thing! Meet Caroline (black) &Gracie (brown). ? Axel is OVER THE MOON, Evie isn’t quite sure.”

Included in her post was an adorable pic of two puppies, one brown and one black, sitting on the grass.

Maddie also shared a few more pics on her Instagram Stories. One pic showed her son Axel sitting with Gracie in his lap, while riding in the car, with a huge smile on his face.

maddie brown shared pics of son axel with their new puppies
Maddie shared pics of Axel with the new puppies. Pic credit: @madison_rose11/Instagram

Maddie captioned it, “The dirty face cheesy smile for you! He is so excited!”

In the next pic, Axel posed for a sweet pic on their front porch with Caroline wrapped in a towel, sitting on his lap.

A boomerang video showed Gracie and Caroline playing with each other in the grass, which Maddie captioned, “Puppy love! ?”

maddie and janelle brown shared pics of maddie's puppies on Instagram stories
Maddie and her mom Janelle Brown shared more pics of Gracie and Caroline. Pic credit: @madison_rose11 and @janellebrown117/Instagram

Maddie’s mom, Janelle Brown, shared a pic of her new grandpups, Gracie and Caroline, for her followers on Instagram Stories and captioned it, “Cutie Patooties ??”

Maddie clarified that the pups are “lab mix and German Shepherd” after a fan noted they looked like labrador retrievers.

Maddie and her family are enjoying life in North Carolina

The 25-year-old Sister Wives star moved away from the rest of the family in Flagstaff, Arizona all the way to North Carolina.

maddie brown confirmed her dogs' breed on instagram
Maddie confirmed that Gracie and Caroline are mixed with lab and German Shepherd. Pic credit: @madison_rose11/Instagram

Caleb took a job in North Carolina in 2019, putting Maddie and her family over 2,000 miles away from the rest of the Brown family.

Maddie recently opened up about missing her family, although she said that she, Caleb, and the kids are happy in North Carolina.

“I like it better than Las Vegas. We miss our families though,” Maddie admitted.

Sister Wives returns for Season 16 on TLC and Discovery+ on Sunday, November 21 at 10/9c.

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