Sister Wives: Kody and Christine Brown’s daughters Mykelti and Ysabel react to their split

Kody Brown during a Sister Wives confessional
Kody and Christine’s daughters offered their opinions on their parents’ split. Pic credit: TLC

Mykelti and Ysabel Brown shared their views on their parents, Kody and Christine Brown, going their separate ways.

This season on Sister Wives, viewers have watched the events leading up to Christine’s November 2021 split from Kody play out.

Christine announced her plans to leave to Kody and the other wives – Meri, Janelle, and Robyn – and although she was met with resistance, she decided to go through with her decision and move back to Utah anyway.

In a preview clip from Sunday’s episode of Sister Wives, the Brown family gathers at Christine’s house to celebrate Ysabel’s 18th birthday and high school graduation.

During their confessionals, Ysabel and her sister Mykelti describe how they reacted to the news of their parents divorcing.

Ysabel admits, “With my mom and dad getting a divorce if I’m honest, I did see it coming.” Although she is sad about her parents splitting, Ysabel also admits that she’s happy that her mom Christine will be able to “find somebody who she’s really, really, really happy with.”

Sister Wives spoiler: Mykelti and Ysabel Brown open up about their parents’ split

For her part, Ysabel’s big sister Mykelti admits, “I was honestly relieved when I heard my mom was leaving my dad. They’re not happy. They’re not in love.”

Mykelti’s husband, Tony Padron, joins her on the confessional sofa and admits that he feels the split was “inevitable” and voices that he “can’t imagine” any man being able to handle having four wives.

Christine Brown’s split found Kody Brown ‘lonely’ and ‘bitter’

Amid Christine’s announcement, Kody’s relationships with his kids have become more strained. During his solo confessional, Kody admits that he’s “not in a good place with everybody” and feels as though he hasn’t been given the respect he deserves.

“No, I’m not okay,” Kody admits, adding that the distance between himself and his kids has extended to the rest of the family. “I’m here in a funk. It’s kind of a loneliness combined with a bitterness with the entire family.”

The split has certainly caused some division among the family, but for Ysabel’s birthday/graduation party, the Browns came together as one and pulled off the celebration without a hitch.

Ysabel is happy to see her family come together like old times to celebrate her. “We kind of jumped right back to where we were,” Ysabel shares.

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC and Discovery+.

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