Sister Wives: Janelle Brown reveals only her daughter Savanah is living with her in the RV

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown revealed that her only roommate in her RV is her daughter, Savanah. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown moved into an RV and recently revealed that the only other family member living in the RV is her and Kody Brown’s daughter, Savanah.

Last month, Janelle revealed that she moved out of her rental home in Flagstaff, Arizona and into an RV on the family’s property at Coyote Pass.

Janelle updated her fans about her new ‘downsized’ RV life

Janelle took to her Strive with Janelle Facebook page to give her fans an update on RV living and how her life has changed since the move.

“Hey, guys, I thought I would just check in with you live. I think I posted several of the um, pictures from Fourth of July. We had such a great time, and now I’m back and have this huge task of trying to figure out how to live a very, much more simple downsized life,” Janelle told her fans.

Janelle elaborated on some of the things she’s learned so far from living in an RV, after moving out of her five-bedroom ranch home.

“But I will say, the things I’ve learned so far, is I still have too many clothes. I sort of sorted out seasonally, um, but yeah — not enough, not enough, uh, room. And wow, this… this new life is much more physical,” Janelle added.

Janelle also informed her followers that most of the walking trails nearby her are currently closed due to fire dangers. However, just walking her dogs and going up and down the stairs of her RV, and moving has kept her physically active.

She also revealed that the last week of her move was “pretty intense” and had her feeling sore. Janelle also admitted that although she’s living in an RV, she’s “not roughing it, by a long shot.”

Janelle revealed that only she and Savanah are living in the RV

When Janelle glanced at the comments coming across her live video, she answered one and told her followers, “Yeah, no, Adrianne, for sure — I’m glad it’s just Savanah and I in the trailer, cuz it would take a lot of… you’d really have to have your routines and have everything organized, so…”

When living in the rental in Flagstaff, Janelle was sharing her home with three of her and Kody’s six children: Garrison, Gabriel, and Savanah. Janelle said earlier this year that her kids “love it” in Flagstaff, despite their initial resistance to moving from Las Vegas.

It’s unclear where Garrison and Gabriel are currently living, but Garrison recently remodeled his own RV and could be sharing his space with his younger brother. Janelle didn’t delve into details regarding Kody spending his time with her at the RV.

Janelle and Kody’s other three kids don’t live at home. Logan lives in Nevada with his girlfriend, Michelle, Maddie lives in North Carolina with her husband, Caleb and their two kids, and Hunter lives in Maryland where’s studying to be a nurse after graduating from the Air Force.

Janelle returned home to the RV after a quick getaway with her kids

“So, anyway, just thought it would be fun to check in with you guys,” Janelle told her fans before noting that she was looking forward to getting back into a regular gym routine now that she’s settled in the RV.

Janelle recently returned from a quick family vacation with most of her kids, only missing her eldest son, Logan. Also absent from the family vacation was Janelle’s husband, Kody. Janelle and her kids visited Maddie in North Carolina, then ventured up to Virginia to do some “touristy” sightseeing.

Now that Janelle is living on the land that she, Kody and her sister wives Meri, Christine, and Robyn, purchased in 2018, fans are wondering why she didn’t stay with one of her sister wives, and when the rest of the family will follow suit.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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