Sister Wives fans question why Janelle Brown is living in an RV and not with her sister wives

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives
Janelle Brown recently moved into an RV on Coyote Pass but why didn’t she move in with her sister wives instead? Pic credit: TLC

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives announced over the weekend that she’s living in an RV on Coyote Pass, but fans of the show are wondering why she didn’t move in with any of her sister wives.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, was forced to move when her rental home was listed for sale and quickly found a buyer.

Citing the “crazy” housing market, especially when it comes to finding rental properties, Janelle told her followers she “acted boldly” and “seized an adventure” by living in an RV.

Janelle’s RV is parked on the family’s property at Coyote Pass, where the Browns intended to build homes as a family.

However, since their move to Flagstaff from Las Vegas, Kody’s four wives have been living separately and operating as four independent families.

Kody’s other wives have huge homes, so why wouldn’t Janelle stay with them?

Fans of Sister Wives grew curious as to why Janelle would be forced into living in a small RV with her kids. Kody’s other three wives have enough space to accommodate Janelle and her kids, at least temporarily.

One Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to create a thread discussing why Janelle is living in an RV rather than with some of the other family members in Flagstaff.

Sister Wives on Reddit
A Sister Wives fan took to Reddit to discuss Janelle living in an RV rather than with the rest of the family Pic credit: u/Jujubee103/Reddit

The Reddit user asked other Sister Wives fans, “Are we seriously still pretending this is one family? If they are really one family then why is it necessary for Janelle to live in a trailer?”

“Surely she could stay at Meri’s, there is plenty of space and Meri is in Utah running the B&B anyway. Robyn’s house is also huge, so why not there?” the Reddit user added.

Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans weighed in on Janelle living in Meri’s spacious house Pic credit: u/Jujubee103/Reddit

Meri lives alone in her sprawling $4,500 per month rental on four acres in Flagstaff, but she often travels back to Parowan, Utah to tend to her bed and breakfast since her mother Bonnie Ahlstrom’s death.

Why wouldn’t Meri’s huge house be an option for Janelle?

Another fan of the show commented on the thread and thought there was no way Meri would ever allow Janelle to stay at her house.

“Meri’s house may be empty, but Janelle is the last person she’d help,” said the fan of the show.

Meri and Janelle’s discord dates back to their early days of marriage. When Janelle entered the marriage as Kody’s second wife, Meri struggled with the new dynamic and mistreated Janelle (as written in the family’s book).

The two have gone to therapy on the show, forever trying to improve their relationship. But, things just never meshed between Meri and Janelle, and living together under the same roof again may not be the best idea.

Is Janelle’s living arrangement ultimately Kody’s responsibility?

One viewer pointed out that Kody should be responsible for Janelle’s living arrangements, not Meri.

“It’s really not Meri’s job to make sure Janelle has a place to live. It’s Kody’s as husband to provide care for everyone in his family no matter which wife it is,” commented the Reddit user.

Sister Wives on Reddit
Sister Wives fans discussed Janelle’s living options Pic credit: u/Jujubee103/Reddit

Others noted that Robyn also has a huge home and thought it might make sense for Janelle and her kids to live there temporarily. But although it might make sense logically, there would definitely be room for disaster, given the dynamic of Kody’s relationships with each of his wives.

One person commented, “Queen Robyn would never make her kids share a room to make space for Janelle and Savanah. Plus Janelle is the only wife that Robyn hasn’t ran off yet so she doesn’t want her to have that much access to Kody.”

The Browns purchased Coyote Pass in 2018 and have yet to build on it

One follower brought up the fact that Janelle, along with the rest of the spouses, is paying for the property at Coyote Pass, so they may as well make use of it.

“Maybe she just wanted to be on the property that she is paying for, and after [Robyn] and [Kody’s] million dollar mess she wants a break,” wrote the fan.

Sister Wives homes in Flagstaff on TLC
A map of Kody’s wives’ houses before Janelle moved into the RV Pic credit: TLC

Now that Janelle is living in an RV, fans are likely wondering if Kody will continue to split his time the same with his four wives. With cramped living conditions and three kids still at home, Janelle’s RV might not be the most practical place for Kody to stay.

For now, it seems that the Browns are continuing to live as four separate families, unfortunately, while they wait for the go-ahead for the rest of the family to move onto Coyote Pass and start building their dream homes.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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