Sister Wives: Janelle Brown ‘doesn’t approve’ of Christine’s relationship with David Woolley

Janelle and Christine selfies
Janelle is rumored to be disapproving of Christine’s relationship with David Woolley. Pic credit: @janellebrown117/@christine_brownsw/Instagram

Sister Wives star Christine Brown is smitten with her boyfriend, David Woolley, but Janelle Brown reportedly isn’t too happy about their relationship.

Since splitting from their once-shared husband, Kody Brown, Christine and Janelle have formed a close bond.

The former sister wives not only work together, but they also spend some of their free time catching up, often including some of their combined 12 kids.

Christine and Janelle’s friendship had looked to be getting close, but it appears there’s some distance between the duo as of late.

According to a Brown family insider who spoke with The Sun, “Janelle doesn’t approve of [Christine’s] new relationship. She thinks it’s too much too soon.”

The source added that because Janelle is more “old-fashioned,” she disagrees with Christine going public with her and David’s romance so quickly.

Sister Wives source says some of the Brown family members ‘don’t trust’ Christine’s boyfriend David Woolley

They added that Janelle isn’t thrilled, either, that Christine is choosing to spend most of her free time with David rather than with her like they once did.

The insider also claimed that Janelle, as well as several other family members, are “having a hard time trusting” David, and some of them say he’s “not in it for the right reasons.”

The news of Janelle’s disapproval of Christine and David’s courtship comes on the heels of another source claiming that Kody thinks his ex-wife is showcasing her newfound love for attention and looking to enact revenge on him.

Although sources have spoken on Kody’s behalf, he has yet to comment publicly on Christine’s new love affair. Following Christine leaving him in 2021, Janelle followed suit last year, while Meri did the same in January 2023.

What are the rest of the Browns up to since Christine Brown left Kody?

These days, Kody is still living in Flagstaff, Arizona, with his fourth and current only wife, Robyn Brown, and their five kids. Kody and Robyn were recently spotted in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a mystery blonde woman, sparking rumors that they’re looking to add another wife to their marriage.

Since their splits from Kody, it doesn’t look as though Janelle or Meri are ready to reenter the dating pool quite yet. Janelle recently enjoyed some time in North Carolina visiting her daughter, Madison, who welcomed her third child, daughter Joey, last month.

Meri has stayed active on Instagram but hasn’t mentioned Kody since announcing their marriage termination in January. She did, however, clarify her sexuality recently after fans and critics questioned it.

During an episode of Fridays with Friends on Instagram, Meri told her followers, “I’m coming out… as being straight. So, there you go.”

She also hinted at her relationship status via a cryptic message in her Instagram Story. She shared a quote last month that read, “Relationship status: Committed to inner peace, growth, self love and gratitude.”

With rumors swirling that Season 18 of Sister Wives is currently in production, fans of the show are keeping their eyes peeled for official word from TLC. Another season of Sister Wives could mean that viewers get to watch Christine’s relationship with David unfold and possibly see how her relationships with her former sister wives have panned out as well.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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