Sister Wives fans are hopeful for another season, talk Kody Brown possibly taking a fifth wife

Kody Brown and his wives
Will Sister Wives return for another season and will Kody Brown take a fifth wife? Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives ended its last season with many unanswered questions and fans of the show are wondering if the series is returning for another season and whether Kody Brown will add any more wives to the Brown family.

Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn, have been sharing their polygamist lifestyle with viewers since 2010.

When viewers first met the Brown family, they were living under one roof in Lehi, Utah, and Robyn, Kody’s fourth wife, had just recently entered the family.

Now, the polygamists are living in Flagstaff, Arizona where they’re separated and essentially living as four independent families, with each of Kody’s wives in their own home, spread 10-15 minutes away from each other.

Season 15 of Sister Wives focused heavily on the Brown family navigating life with a mega-sized family during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

The pandemic further divided the Browns, physically and emotionally, and their weaknesses played out for the whole world to see.

Will Sister Wives return for another season and will Kody Brown take a fifth wife?

Now, Sister Wives fans are wondering if and when the show will return and if Kody will ever consider bringing a fifth wife into the mix.

sister wives on reddit
Will Sister Wives get another season? Fans are hoping it does. Pic credit: u/Razmataz444/Reddit

On a Reddit thread titled, “Will this show got another season? Also, will there ever be any additional sister wives (in your opinion)?” one Sister Wives fan wrote to other fans of the show, “If so, has any filming started up for the new season? I heard a rumor that Kody had recently tried to court someone new? Is there any truth to this rumor or is it totally false? Thank you in advance for your thoughts.”

Another Sister Wives fan commented and felt that Kody won’t be taking any more wives, as he seems to have his hands full with the four he already has.

They wrote, “I don’t think he will take another wife since he has such contempt for the ones he already has. He has been whining more than ever about how he can never please anyone and how miserable he is with all of them.”

“No, no new wives I don’t think. He’s seems exasperated with the ones he has and over polygamy,” commented another Reddit user who agreed that Kody is done taking wives.

sister wives on reddit
Sister Wives fans enjoy watching the show and hope it returns for another season. Pic credit: u/Razmataz444/Reddit

Sister Wives fans are hoping the show returns for another season

One Sister Wives fan joined the conversation and commented that they enjoy watching the show, and hope it returns for at least another season.

“I would definitely watch this [s**t show] for as long as they air it. The last season was really eye opening about the true dynamics of the family. If I was [K]ody I would want another one to try and redeem myself after showing the world what a selfish a** I was,” the fan wrote.

Their comment continued, “The way the season ended with [no] cliffhanger ‘look at the mountains’ after him being a complete a** all season needs some kind follow up. No wonder he didn’t do the tell all, he would have made himself look so much worse.”

TLC typically waits until just weeks before the series to announce a new season — the Season 15 premiere was announced on January 21, and it premiered just a little over three weeks later, on February 14. Since 2018, Sister Wives has only aired once per season, unlike previous season which aired back-to-back within a year.

It’s likely that another season wouldn’t be aired until the beginning of 2021.

kody brown of sister wives on reddit
Sister Wives fans don’t think Kody can handle any more wives. Pic credit: u/Razmataz444/Reddit

Kody did admit this season that his polygamist family was “an obstacle to his own goals” and made a bold admission when he said, “we are not one family anymore.”

The family seems as distant as ever on social media, as well as on this past season of Sister Wives. After the season finale episode in April, Kody and the family stopped tweeting.

But, all but one of Kody’s wives stay active on social media. Meri, Janelle, and Christine frequently share their business and personal lives with their followers. But Kody and Robyn have stayed tight-lipped online since the spring, having fans wondering if the two are living as monogamists.

Rumors have circulated that Robyn might be pregnant with Kody’s 19th child, but there hasn’t been enough evidence to substantiate the claims. If Robyn did become pregnant, it could possibly make up for the excitement that fans think the show has lacked as of late.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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