Shocking claims against Jackie Christie by daughter Takari Lee revealed on Basketball Wives

Jackie Christie speaking to the camera on Basketball Wives
Jackie Christie talking about her drama with Evelyn Lozada on last week’s Basketball Wives

Shocking claims against Jackie Christie by her daughter Takari Lee are revealed on this week’s season finale of Basketball Wives.

The comments come from a draft copy of Takari’s tell-all book Lights to her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story, which is set to be published later this month.

Segments are read out on tonight’s episode of Basketball Wives by Jackie’s co-stars Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams after they receive copies of the manuscript.

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At one point Takari reveals how she penned her “first” suicide note when she was just 11, in which she claimed her mother hated her and was “turning everyone” against her.

Another section sees Takari claim her mother would make her drink vinegar in the hope that it would make her lose weight, and that Jackie would take issue with “everything” about her.

Evelyn, brought to tears as she reads from the manuscript in front of Jen and fellow co-star Shaunie O’Neal, says: “She said ‘My mother would buy big jugs of vinegar and transfer them into 8oz bottles that I had to drink all the time.’

“She felt in her mind that she was fat. We’re talking about nine years old!

“She said ‘My mother took issue with everything about me. ‘Why are you chewing like that?’ ‘That bite is too big’. ‘Why are you breathing so hard?’ ‘Are you retarded?’ ‘What’s wrong with you girl?’

“It’s like she couldn’t do anything right.”

Moving on to the passage about the suicide note, Jennifer reads Takari’s words which say: “I was only eleven but had already begun to realise that something was terribly wrong with me on the inside.

“I went and found a secluded place and wrote my first suicide note — ‘In this life I no longer feel any happiness. My mother hates me and is turning everyone against me, even my grandmother who has been there for me since day one.

“She strips away any source of happiness I seem to find in my life. Grandmother, I need you to know that my last breath, my last tear, is for you.”

Evelyn says the claims “confirmed” to her that Jackie is a “bigger monster” than she thought.

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Last week saw Jackie brand Evelyn “irrelevant” and accused her of “sullying” her name. She also hit out at Shaunie for siding with Evelyn and giving an interview about her daughter.

Lights to her Shadow: The Takari Lee Christie Story is set to be published on August 31.

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Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1.

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