Shanna Moakler from Celebrity Big Brother back with Matthew Rondeau? Model shares hot photo with message

Shanna Moakler
Model Shanna Moakler loves interacting with social media. Pic credit: @ShannaMoakler/Instagram

Shanna Moakler broke up with Matthew Rondeau after Celebrity Big Brother came to an end this winter, but she may have just revealed that they are a couple again.

While Shanna was residing in the Big Brother house, some drama was sparked when Matthew took all of her pictures down from social media.

Then, on the morning after the Celebrity Big Brother season finale, Matthew was arrested at Shanna’s house. It seemed like the relationship wasn’t going to recover from there, especially with some of the allegations against him.

Recently, Shanna even updated fans on her relationship status, stating that she was single and that she was not together with Matthew. Now, though, she may have revealed a shocking bit of information to her followers.

Shanna Moakler shares hot new photo with a message

“This is who has my heart, if you don’t like it, I don’t care, if you have nothing nice to say, go away. He is kind, he is loving, he is talented, and he is loved,” Shanna Moakler wrote in a photo that she just shared on Instagram.

It’s hard to tell from the side angle, but that appears to be Matthew Rondeau posing with Shanna Moakler. The sexy photo would have to be an older one if it is from the couple, as Matthew has recently cut and colored his hair.

Shanna New Insta
Shanna shared a new photo on her Instagram Story. Pic credit: @ShannaMoakler/Instagram

Shanna Moakler continues to have fun with social media

It’s definitely true that Shanna Moakler enjoys spending time on social media, and she loves updating her fans, family, and friends on what she has been up to.

As she was returning from pageant work in Las Vegas, Shanna even posted a topless photo recently, showing that she doesn’t hold much back when she is taking part in social media.

More Big Brother is on the way

For fans of Shanna Moakler who want to see how she did on Celebrity Big Brother 3, episodes of that show can be streamed through Paramount+. That’s where past seasons for the summer version of Big Brother can also be viewed.

On the horizon is the Big Brother 24 start date, which will arrive this summer on CBS. It’s going to be a brand new cast of players trying to win a nice $750,000 prize. The names of the BB24 cast members have not yet been revealed, as producers are still working to put together the names.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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