Shanna Moakler checks in after Alabama Barker update, Big Brother houseguests send support

Shanna In The CBB3 DR
The last month has been a difficult one for model and mother Shanna Moakler. Pic credit: CBS

Shanna Moakler provided a short message to update her fans and followers about what took place this morning.

Following the Celebrity Big Brother finale, an incident took place between Shanna and her now ex-boyfriend, Matthew Rondeau.

Also early on Thursday morning, after going into her Instagram account, Rondeau left a really ugly video about Shanna while he vented in public.

Former Big Brother houseguests, Shanna’s fans, and many other people started expressing their concern for her as the day went on.

Alabama Barker gives an update on her mother

The daughter of Shanna Moakler and Travis Barker, Alabama Barker, posted a note to update everyone on how her mom was doing. It was a welcome bit of news after a very chaotic morning.

Shanna Moakler reveals how she is doing after incident

“Thank you to everyone calling with concern about Shanna. She is ok and survived this traumatic experience. Especially to all of her fans who saw this horrible incident unfold on social media,” a representative for Shanna Moakler told Sharon Tharp at Us Weekly.

“Thankfully the police saved her from harm’s way and she is doing fine. At the moment she asks that she is given her space to adjust to life after this trauma,” the statement continued.

Sharon Tharp Shanna Update
A rep for Shanna Moakler released a statement. Pic credit: @SharonTharp/Twitter

Big Brother alums share their support for Shanna Moakler

Quite a few former Big Brother houseguests shared their messages of support for Shanna Moakler as the day went on. It was a nice way for them to let Shanna know how much they care about her.

“This man is INSANE and needs to be locked up. Shanna deserves so much more than this and the way people have been treating her lately. I hope she realizes how loved she is,” wrote Kat Dunn from Big Brother 21.

Kat Dunn On Shanna
Kat Dunn made a statement on social media. Pic credit: @itskathryndunn/Twitter

“I’m glad Shanna is okay. Verbal abuse is a form of domestic violence and usually escalates into physical abuse, which appears to be the case here. If you or someone you know is experiencing a similar situation, please contact authorities,” wrote Big Brother 16 winner Derrick Levasseur in a post.

Derrick L Shanna post
BB16 winner Derrick posted about the situation. Pic credit: @DerrickL/Twitter

“I hope @ShannaMoakler is with friends and I hope they take her to a spa, a beach, a margarita. She’s a queen and deserves some peace,” wrote Angela Rockstar from Big Brother 20.

Rockstar On Shanna
Angela from BB20 had a supportive note to share. Pic credit: @Mrs_ARockstar/Twitter

More news and notes from Celebrity Big Brother 3

For anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, CBB3 winner Miesha Tate apologized to Shanna for her actions in the Big Brother house.

It was a much different approach than that of the other person in the final two because Todrick Hall canceled all post-show interviews and went into hiding instead of facing the music.

Big Brother 24 airs on CBS during Summer 2022.

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