Shahs of Sunset stars filming new ‘non-toxic’ show

Reza MJ GG
A new spin-off of Shahs on Sunset is underway. Pic credit: @rezafarahan/Instagram

Bravo fans were shocked when it was announced in April that fan favorite, Shahs of Sunset, was being canceled after nine seasons. The show followed a group of Persian-American friends who lived the high life while growing up in Beverly Hills after immigrating to America.

Viewers loved seeing the aspirational wealth the ever-changing group displayed and the drama between the friends, some of whom have been in each other’s lives for nearly thirty years. The cancelation surprised many who faithfully watched as the friends grew with one another or grew apart.

Now the OG’s of the series – Reza Farahan, Mercedeh (MJ) Javid, and Golnesa (GG) Gharachedaghi – will be stars of a new spin-off, according to MJ.

MJ Javid said the group is putting the past behind them

In a new interview, MJ revealed that she and her longtime pals, Reza and GG, are working on a new reality project. She happily said that she feels great about this new opportunity with friends who she has struggled with in the past.

“This, for me, feels like a second chance that most people don’t get to make your wrongs right,” MJ said and admitted that the group has “mended fences” after many seasons of turmoil, especially between MJ and Reza, her best friend of more than thirty years. Until recently, Reza had not even met MJ’s young son, baby Shams.

“[We’re] putting the past behind us where it belongs and just really supporting and loving each other, laughing again,” MJ told fans. “It’s like these beautiful wounds [are healing].” She added, “Reuniting with my little squad that I love to death felt amazing. Because it’s very current.” 

MJ also said that she is grateful that her years on Shahs of Sunset helped her relate to women who struggle with body image issues and help promote body positivity. “From day one, I was relating to women and so that’s just my big takeaway. You have to take the good and the bad together, right? So I focus on the body positivity, the confidence [I gave viewers] when women were feeling like they needed to obsess over their size and … cellulite,” MJ proudly revealed. 

Shahs of Sunset was canceled after nine crazy seasons

In April 2022, Bravo announced that they were canceling Shahs of Sunset. Soon after, talk circulated that NBC Universal, who owns Bravo and Peacock, was in the early stages of a new show that would star the OG Shahs trio.

Not included in the cast, however, was Mike Shouhed, who starred in all nine seasons of the show. Mike was recently arrested for domestic violence after allegedly assaulting his fiance, Paulina Ben-Cohen, in April. The couple was later spotted vacationing in Mexico just weeks later. The network might be distancing itself from Mike after his arrest, as there is no evidence that he is filming with the rest of the crew.

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