Serene Russell shares adorable throwback photo, teases childhood crimes 

Serene Russell
Serene Russell appeared on The Bachelor Season 26. Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

Serene Russell recently had some fun with fans.

She shared a throwback photo from her childhood where she gave a mischievous smirk. 

The Bachelor Nation star teased that the photo looked like a “mug shot.”

Serene also posed a question to her 50k followers on Instagram regarding her photo. 

Engaging with followers, she asked viewers to weigh in on what crime she might have committed based on the photo. 

The question led to several amusing answers from followers, and her responses let fans get to know a bit more about Serene’s childhood past. 

Serene Russell teases her mischievous childhood photo 

Serene Russell took to her Instagram Stories to share a photo of herself as a kid.

In the photo, Serene smiles up at the camera in a white tee with her cute curls in a half-up half-down style. 

Serene joked that the photo looked like a ‘mugshot’ and asked, “what crime did I commit?” 

One responder wrote, “You broke one of your brothers’ toys and got away with it,” with a purple devil emoji. 

Serene reacted, writing, “I did like his hot wheels better than my barbies.” 

Serene Russell’s Instagram Story
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

One follower confidently declared, “definitely bit another kid,” with a laughing emoji. 

Serene replied, “lmaooo this is outta pocket!! never bit anyone.” 

Serene Russell’s Instagram Story
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

A responder guessed, “Maybe drawing on TV room walls.” 

Serene then explained, “nope my parents believed in whoopings.” 

Serene Russell’s Instagram Story
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

Serene shared a story after a follower guessed, “Stealing lip smackers from Claire’s.” 

The Bachelor Nation star replied, “I did steal once – ladybug sunglasses. My parents told me I was going to jail and I had to apologize to the store manager and tell her I stole.” 

Serene Russell’s Instagram Story
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

Serene Russell reacts to brother Roland Russell’s reply 

Serene shared one answer that appeared to be from her brother Roland Russell.

The Bachelorette viewers will recall Roland had fans swooning during his hometown appearance on The Bachelor Season 26. 

The reply on Serene’s Instagram Stories read, “Got my a** whooped for somethin DUMB!!!!!” 

Serene reacted to the answer by tagging her brother and writing, “@russelmania___ everyone,” with laughing emojis. 

Serene Russell’s Instagram Story
Pic credit: @serenebrookrussell/Instagram

Fans of Serene will see more of her when she returns to TV this summer for Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. 

Several Bachelor Nation men have expressed interest in Serene, including fan favorites Andrew Spencer and Brandon Jones. 

Time will tell if Serene strikes up a serious love connection on the island.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC. 

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