Serena Pitt reveals details about her and Joe Amabile’s upcoming engagement party

Serena Pitt
Serena Pitt talks about her engagement party. Pic credit: @serena_pitt/Instagram

Serena Pitt and Joe Amabile met and fell in love during Season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

After some visits and appearances from his ex-girlfriend, Kendall Long, Joe proposed to Serena on the show’s season finale last summer.

Since that point in time, the duo has continued their relationship off-camera but still in the public eye of Bachelor Nation.

However, despite having a lot of followers and fans, the twosome has fallen more in love and is happier than ever.

In fact, they have moved in together and renovated an apartment in New York City and are currently planning for their upcoming wedding.

But first, the dynamic duo is getting ready for their engagement party, which Serena’s parents are throwing.

Serena Pitt reveals her engagement party details to Bachelor Nation

During an Instagram Q&A with fans, Serena was asked more about her upcoming engagement party with her fiance, Joe Amabile.

She stated, “My parents are throwing Joe and I an engagement party at the end of August in Toronto. It’s really just meant for his friends and family and my friends and family to come together to celebrate and meet.”

Serena went on to say, “We didn’t have an engagement party last year when we got engaged, so we’re really excited for this one!”

She also talked about how she and Joe are good at prioritizing their relationship, communicating with one another, and setting aside time to spend together. Serena credits these things to how far they’ve gotten in their relationship and why it’s worked when a lot of Bachelor Nation couples have not.

What is Serena Pitt doing for a job now?

Another user asked Serena what she is now that her time on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise is finished. She was totally honest in her reply when she declared, “I am a full time content creator or influencer, I don’t mind either term.”

She told fans that she works with brands and companies to promote their products on her Instagram account or the brand’s platform.

Serena also stated that being an influencer has worked for her because she’s been able to make so many connections, she has been able to share her life with her fans, and she now has a flexible schedule.

Having a flexible work schedule and not being tied down to working 9 to 5 every weekday has allowed her to travel to Canada from New York to visit her family when she wants to. Serena has said how grateful she is for that and the opportunities she has been given by the Bachelor franchise.

Bachelor Nation can’t wait to see photos from the couple’s engagement party up in Toronto and hear more wedding plans and details!

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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