Selling Sunset: Chrishell Stause calls out ‘thirsty’ costar amid filming for Season 6

Close-up of Chrishell Stause.
Chrishell Stause shares headless thirst trap in low cut dress. Pic credit: © Collin/ImagePressAgency

Filming for Selling Sunset Season 6 began last month, and even without Christine Quinn, the drama is already underway.

Chrishell Stause took to Instagram and made her feelings about one of her costars abundantly clear via her Stories.

The realtor and former soap opera star chose not to name names when calling out her co-worker.

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But while Chrishell may have kept her followers in the dark regarding whom she was upset with, the reality TV star made it clear to the individual exactly where she stands regarding their friendship.

In the now expired Instagram Story, Chrishell not so subtly called her co-worker a clown while Mariah Carey’s song Thirsty played over the image.

Venting, Chrishell claimed, “the thirst for camera time on season 6 is REAL. Wow. That was insanity. But also SO transparent. Get your 15mins girl but leave my business out of it [clown face emoji].”

Screenshot of Instagram story.
Chrishell was no holds barred on Instagram when calling out a drama-hungry costar. Pic credit: @chrishell.stause/Instagram

Chrishell Stause tells shady co-worker she has screenshots

Chrishell’s harsh words didn’t end there. She again hopped on her Instagram Story to let her costar know she kept receipts.

Screenshot of Instagram story.
Speaking directly to her followers, Chrishell claimed that the individual behind the drama would be obvious in Season 6. Pic credit: @chrishell.stause/Instagram

The realtor had a lot to say, “screenshots have been archived for this very moment. OF COURSE you have a huge issue with me now-not before-when you have a camera crew around you [three eye roll emojis] I hate fake [poop emoji] If you want camera time-JUST SAY THAT. I would have helped you get the right angle [woman shrugging emoji]. But don’t try to come for people I love or my business when you were added and I was there to hype you up excited for you.”

Speaking directly to her followers, Chrishell said, “You guys are smart. I think you will see who is in need of attention & willing to throw anyone under the bus to get that 15mins. [waving hand emoji].”

Chrishell has not commented further on the matter nor revealed whom she was referring to, but that didn’t stop Selling Sunset fans from speculating.

Fans try to guess which Selling Sunset star is behind the drama

On Instagram, the Selling Sunset fan account @sellingsunsetcast reposted the news and asked fans to guess which costar had gotten on Chrishell’s bad side.

Commenters were quick to put out some theories.

Screenshot of Instagram comment.
Pic credit: @sellingsunsetcast/Instagram

One fan said, “I think it’s Nicole but Chrishell doesn’t follow her anymore.” 

This theory, which references new Selling Sunset star Nicole Young, is quite convincing. In her rant, Chrishell claimed she was excited for the costar when they were added.

Chrishell also does not follow Nicole on Instagram.

Screenshot showing Chrishell's Instagram followers.
An eagle-eyed follower notes that Chrishell doesn’t follow Nicole. Pic credit: @chrishell.stause/Instagram

But another fan seemed to think that Jason Oppenheim’s new girlfriend Marie-Lou Nurk may be behind the drama.

Screenshot of Instagram comment.
Pic credit: @chrishelle.stause/Instagram

Proposing a different theory, the commenter said, “I bet it has to do with Jason’s GF…”

This is another good guess as Jason confirmed that Marie-Lou has filmed some scenes for Season 6. If Chrishell is feuding with her, it certainly puts her ex-beau Jason in an awkward position.

Selling Sunset Seasons 1-5 are currently streaming on Netflix.

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