Seeking Sister Wife viewers doubt Roberta still wants to come to the U.S. with Dannielle and Garrick

Roberta and Garrick Merrifield of Seeking Sister Wife
Will Roberta follow through with her plan to move to the U.S. to be with Garrick and Dannielle? Pic credit: @garrickmerrifield/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife viewers are doubtful that Roberta will follow through with her plan to move to the U.S. to join Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield’s plural marriage.

This season on Seeking Sister Wife, Garrick and Dannielle were finally able to travel to Brazil to meet Roberta after months of limited communication.

It has been the Merrifields’ dream for Roberta to leave her life in South America behind and join them in Colorado as a polygamist family.

Although last week’s episode looked promising, with Roberta finally booking her ticket to the U.S., this week’s episode put doubt in the Merrifields’ and Seeking Sister Wife viewers’ minds.

During dinner on Garrick and Dannielle’s last day in Brazil, Roberta was disheartened to learn that Garrick had shared a kiss with his and Dannielle’s former potential sister wife, Lea Newton.

Roberta expressed that she wasn’t happy about Garrick and Dannielle courting a potential sister wife without waiting for her to arrive in America first. To further complicate matters, Dannielle and Garrick claimed that their interaction with Lea was purely to get to know her.

Roberta got upset that Garrick shared a kiss with former potential sister wife Lea

However, when Garrick claimed there was no intimacy during his and Lea’s date, Roberta pushed further. Dannielle let it slip that Garrick and Lea shared a kiss, something that Roberta considered an intimate exchange.

“I only kiss people I want to be intimate with,” Roberta said, adding during a solo confessional, “Friends don’t kiss on the mouth.”

Roberta’s last-minute reaction got Seeking Sister Wife viewers thinking that she was going to pull the plug on the idea of joining Garrick and Dannielle in Colorado. Viewers took to the comments to share their two cents.

Seeking Sister Wife viewers don’t think Roberta will join the Merrifields in the U.S.

“She’s looking for a way out,” wrote one fan of the show who felt Roberta was looking for excuses to stay in Brazil, while another agreed, writing, “BINGO!”

Another commented, “I don’t think Roberta really wants this,” while another echoed the sentiment: “Ehh shes just trying to find an excuse before they force her to come to colorado.”

Roberta’s mom was a major factor in delaying her joining the Merrifields in Colorado. Noting the hesitation, one viewer commented, “She’ll find any reason to not leave her mom.”

seeking sister wife viewers on IG don't think roberta is going to join dannielle and garrick in the u.s.
Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

“Roberta wants him for herself……lol,” wrote another fan of the show who felt Roberta’s jealousy was creeping in.

Roberta had already sparked rumors that she left the Merrifields when some Seeking Sister Wife sleuths noticed she doesn’t follow Garrick nor Dannielle on social media but follows the Lifetime show, Escaping Polygamy, which documents the stories of women breaking free from polygamy after being born or forced into the lifestyle.

Viewers will have to tune in next week to find out if Roberta is deterred by the idea of Garrick kissing another woman or if she’ll stick to her promise and become Garrick’s second wife and Dannielle’s sister wife.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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