Seeking Sister Wife spoiler: Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield reconnect with Roberta in Brazil

Seeking Sister Wife couple Roberta and Garrick Merrifield
After months apart, Garrick and Dannielle finally made the trek to Brazil to reunite with Roberta. Pic credit: @garrickmerrifield/Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife couple Garrick and Dannielle Merrifield have finally made the trek to Brazil to reunite with their potential sister wife, Roberta.

In Monday’s episode, titled So Many Things Could Go Wrong, Garrick and Dannielle are ecstatic to see Roberta (AKA Bert) again after months apart.

The Merrifields hired a translator to join them on their trip, knowing they would be having some tough conversations with Roberta about her decision to leave her life in Brazil behind for a new plural lifestyle with Garrick and Dannielle in the U.S.

Roberta has given Garrick and Dannielle many reasons to doubt that she would decide to uproot her life and join their family, but they’re hopeful their trip to Brazil will answer all of their questions.

“It’s pretty unreal seeing Roberta again for the first time,” Dannielle confessed. “It feels like we’re just meeting, like our first time in Mexico when we thought, like, ‘Is this girl real?'”

As he typically reacts, Garrick got emotional upon seeing Roberta and admitted, “Me and Roberta, we’re just emotional as a family reuniting, which is great. I mean, definitely I was hoping for that and wanted to see that before we got into some serious talks about Roberta having to book this plane ticket.”

Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield travel to Brazil to reunite with Roberta on Seeking Sister Wife

Dannielle and Garrick hoped they could arrange Roberta’s flight so she could finally join them in Colorado, now that the expiration period of her K-1 visa is ticking, with only two months left.

Although Roberta agreed to stay at Dannielle and Garrick’s Airbnb with them — which, of course, had a second bedroom for Dannielle so Garrick and Roberta could spend alone time together — she surprised Garrick when she revealed that she agreed with Dannielle about waiting to start making babies.

Through the translator’s help, Roberta explained that she didn’t feel comfortable trying to get pregnant until they were home in America, much to Dannielle’s delight. Dannielle was so delighted that she was brought to tears because Roberta expressed exactly how she felt about the topic.

Knowing that Garrick and Roberta would be using protection for their first night together again brought Dannielle some peace, but her jealousy crept back in.

Dannielle’s jealousy creeps back in as Garrick and Roberta spend their first night together

As Roberta and Garrick headed to their room for the night, Dannielle admitted, “It’s been a long time since Garrick and her have had intimacy. So I think, you know, there’s those thoughts that come up and try to tempt you and insecurities that try to creep back in with jealousies. But I am just pushing those out of my head and really hope that Garrick and Roberta have a good night together.”

As they sat on the bed alone, Garrick addressed the elephant in the room and asked Roberta, “So, love, you’ll come to Colorado?”

Roberta hesitated before giving her answer to Garrick: “Um… yeah, of course.”

Now that Roberta has verbally committed to leaving Brazil behind for America, Seeking Sister Wife viewers will have to wait and see if she makes good on her promise.

Seeking Sister Wife airs on Mondays at 10/9c on TLC.

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