See the new Bachelor in Paradise intros before tonight’s episode

Bachelor in Paradise intros
The new intros for the current season of Bachelor in Paradise have been revealed. Pic credit: ABC

Now that the Season 8 cast of Bachelor in Paradise has been set, it’s officially time for the show to roll out its signature quirky introductions.

The new intros, which will debut on the second episode of the season tonight, were shared earlier today by Bachelor in Paradise’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

In classic Bachelor in Paradise fashion, the intros include each of the starting contestants carrying out a “bit,” accompanied by the tune that has always fit in seamlessly as the theme song — Almost Paradise.

The clip starts with fan-favorite and father Michael Allio grilling food on the beach, seemingly carrying out the persona of a “typical dad.”

The video then goes on to show each contestant’s introduction, which includes funny moments such as Brandon Jones pulling a ring out of the sand, Teddi Wright kissing a teddy bear, Shanae Ankney smirking in front of a fire behind her, and Jacob Rapini wearing nothing but his signature leaf.

And, of course, Hunter Haag has multiple rolls of toilet paper thrown at her after being open about her struggles with IBS.

The clip also shows the new crew engaging in classic BIP activities, such as running into the ocean, throwing a football around, and having a casual pillow fight.

Jesse Palmer tosses a coconut to Wells Adams in theme song bit

To end the introductions, host Jesse Palmer is seen throwing a coconut to bartender Wells Adams, who catches it and squeezes the water into a cocktail.

Watch the intros for Season 8 below:

Bachelor in Paradise will also feature more of a new face tonight, as the highly-anticipated Victoria Fuller showed up at the very end of last week’s episode to ruffle some feathers on the beach.

Victoria Fuller arrives in paradise

Victoria was previously seen as a top contender during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, where she was open with Peter about his “moody” behavior and was ultimately eliminated in Week 9.

The preview for tonight’s episode of BIP shows Victoria saying hello to the squad while the narrator reads, “But one arrival begs the question, ‘What the f?’”

“She’s here to stir the pot,” another contestant says about Victoria, as she says she is looking forward to getting to know Justin Glaze.

Comments from other contestants included Hailey Malles saying, “You don’t need any more girls,” and Logan Palmer calling the episode a “burning mess.”

Lucky for viewers, the quirky introductions and all the following drama can be seen twice a week now as Bachelor in Paradise continues with its new schedule.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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