Ryan pops the question and Amber is still struggling on Teen Mom OG

Ryan proposes on Teen Mom OG
Amber cries after Leah only makes a decoration for Gary on Teen Mom OG

This week on Teen Mom OG, Amber is still feeling left out a little with Leah and Ryan pops the question to Mckenzie.

Recently Amber has really been struggling with the lack of time she spends with Leah and the lack of control she has over those visitations. Things are made worse this episode when Leah makes a Christmas ornament for Gary but Amber is left out.

Though it makes us think Amber needs a bit of perspective as this sort of thing happens all the time when kids parents split up and you either work through it or the kids suffer.

Meantime Ryan has decided to pop the question to Mckenzie and takes her out for a special date.

Ryan proposes on Teen Mom OG
Ryan proposes on Teen Mom OG

They go for something to eat and he’s booked out a special table with champagne and he’s got a ring. In perhaps not the slickest of moves, Ryan eventually gets down on one knee and asks Mckenzie to marry him. But will she say yes?

Also on this episode, Cate has a surprise for Tyler.

Teen Mom OG airs Sundays at 6:30 PM on MTV.