Ryan Henry is looking for respect from staff as 9Mag thrives on Black Ink Crew: Chicago premiere

black and white photo of Ryan from Black Ink Crew: Chicago watching a talk by Barack Obama
Ryan watches Barack Obama speak as Rachel sits on his shoulders on Black Ink Crew: Chicago

This week Season 3 of Black Ink Crew: Chicago kicks off as things are looking up for Ryan Henry and 9Mag.

Ryan’s family life is now pretty sorted as he and Rachel Leigh are getting on great and their son is thriving in this new stable environment. Ryan has also gotten 9Mag to a great position as a business as he spreads his fingers into merchandise and more.

Inspired by Barack Obama, he’s really picked himself up and pushed on with sorting both his personal and business life. But this new found happiness has also made him reassess just what he’s prepared to put up with at work.

Holding up a cut t-shirt
Raunchy and cooler after being cut, the merch is also now sporting a Y instead of a 9!

Also on this episode, Don and Ashley’s marriage could be about to go through a rocky patch and Van Johnson starts a fight at the 9Mag party.

Later Ashley also kicks off some trouble with Charmaine Johnise.

Black Ink Crew: Chicago airs on Wednesdays at 8:00 PM on VH1.

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