Ryan Edwards adds new mugshot to his collection after theft of services arrest

Ryan Edwards at Teen Mom OG reunion
Ryan Edwards is in more trouble. Pic credit: MTV

Ryan Edwards has found himself in a world of trouble over the past few years. Teen Mom OG viewers had been speculating that he was using drugs for several seasons before it at the point of no longer denying it.

Edwards admitted to his heroin addiction and has been in rehab twice since his 2017 marriage to Mackenzie Standifer.

The last two years have been a downward spiral for the Teen Mom OG dad. Ryan Edwards made headlines when he was driving to his wedding and falling asleep while behind the wheel.

Initially, it was believed that he had an issue with Xanax, but it turned out that heroin was his drug of choice.

Why was Ryan arrested this time?

Shortly after midnight on January 23, 2019, Ryan Edwards was arrested in Hamilton County in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The warrant was issued for theft of services under $1,000.

The incident reportedly happened last month, but he was just picked up.

The story behind the arrest is that Ryan Edwards was in a bar and ordered several drinks. He was there for roughly four hours and his bill had been $36. Instead of paying for his alcohol, the Teen Mom OG dad just walked out.


Is heroin still an issue for Ryan Edwards?

It appears that there was another issue when he was arrested yesterday. Ryan Edwards reportedly had heroin on him in a case still pending in a different county.

In the fall of 2018, Ryan Edwards reported to rehab for a 90-day stint. He completed it and even missed the birth of his second child in order to complete his effort into beating his heroin addiction.

Unfortunately, it looks like things aren’t going as planned.

Right now, it is unclear what Ryan Edwards’ family is going to do. Mackenzie Standifer has mentioned in the past that she would leave him if he continued to use. Jen and Larry Edwards were incredibly hopefully for their son’s recovery and now, this has likely shattered that.

Where Ryan Edwards ends up remains to be seen. His court date is set for February 6, 2019, and at that point, it wouldn’t be unlikely if he served jail time.

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