Romeo Alexander takes accountability after receiving backlash from BIP viewers

Romeo Alexander
Romeo Alexander causes a stir on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8. Pic credit: @doctor__romeo/Instagram

Romeo Alexander has been in hot water on Bachelor in Paradise as he messily pursued several women. 

While Bachelor in Paradise is all about cast members exploring options, Romeo ruffled feathers in his unsuccessful attempts to strike multiple connections. 

First, Romeo was in an odd love triangle with Jill Chin and Kira Mengistu, where he eventually chose to pursue Jill, only to later try and pursue The Bachelor Season 25 star Brittany Galvin. 

When Jill let Romeo know she was extremely hurt by his disloyalty, Romeo made a last-minute effort to bond with Hailey Malles and rekindle with Kira. 

He became very emotional when it seemed no woman would accept his rose. 

Romeo’s behavior led to many online discussions and critiques, and Romeo reacted to the comments with humor and ownership. 

Romeo Alexander acknowledges being a work in progress

Romeo took to his Instagram Stories to share a message and react to tweets.

He reshared a tweet from Kira as she applauded him, “finally realizing he needs to work on his communication skills.” 

Romeo wrote above the tweet, “A work in progress.” 

Romeo Alexander's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @doctor__romeo/Instagram

Romeo also reacted to a tweet declaring that he has absolutely no game. He responded, “Duh! Is it too late to learn?”

Romeo Alexander's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @doctor__romeo/Instagram

The Bachelor Nation star shared another tweet suggesting he’s a nerd and cringy to watch. 

Romeo did not want to excuse his behavior and need for improvement but agreed that “nerdism is certainly also a part of the story.” 

The Harvard alum also suggested some people were acting as if they had never met a nerd before. 

Romeo Alexander's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @doctor__romeo/Instagram

In a lighthearted video, Romeo also questioned if he was the drama. 

Romeo Alexander calls watching his mistakes a ‘privilege’

Romeo is taking the high road after a rocky start on Bachelor in Paradise. 

Putting a positive spin on his experience, Romeo wrote on his Instagram Stories that while his night was difficult, he’s grateful for the opportunity to learn about himself and dating. 

Romeo wrote, “It’s a privilege to be able to watch back one’s own mistakes and receive feedback from so many.” 

He shared he’s learning to be more direct with his communication, more aware of his feelings, and more intentional in his relationships. 

Romeo concluded the message by writing, “May there be more such opportunities for growth.” 

Romeo Alexander's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @doctor__romeo/Instagram

With his sullied reputation among the women, and the women now having the power to hand out roses, time will tell if Romeo lasts much longer on the show. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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