Rodney Mathews explains the bromance he has with Nayte Olukoya

Nayte Olukoya & Rodney Mathews
Rodney Mathews talks about his bromance with Nayte Olukoya. Pic credit: ABC

Rodney Mathews and Nayte Olukoya met when the men met The Bachelorette, Michelle Young.

While they were both competing for Michelle’s heart, the two guys also formed a connection and bond with each other; now, they have a bromance with one another.

Even though Nayte ultimately won the final rose and Michelle’s love, it hasn’t stopped the two from hanging out and talking constantly.

In fact, now they include Michelle in many of their outings and adventures, which they talked about on this past episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour with Michelle as the host.

What did Nayte Olukoya and Rodney Mathews say about their bromance?

Rodney wanted to clear up any confusion fans may have as he stated, “For me, I look at our experience as a whole. We all met the same night, and I truly think everything happens for a reason. Even watching back the show, Michelle and I knew you, and I would be cool no matter what, but seeing the spark and connection that you guys had was clearly different.”

He went on to say, “I lived with Nayte throughout the process, and so I’d come back from a date and would be excited, but Nayte would come back from a date and say it was the best time ever and that he was so happy and that he and Michelle were a wrap.”

Rodney then went on to say that he knew then that he and Michelle were on a lot lower level together than Nayte and Michelle were, but because he just wanted Michelle to find love and happiness, he was okay with it.

Plus, he got to know Nayte and knew if Michelle picked him in the end, he was happy with it.

Rodney also exclaimed, “It’s the craziest thing. I never thought I’d go on the show where I was searching for love and come out with my brand-new best friend and brother.”

How do the two men and Michelle Young get along so well?

He also claimed that all three of them have mutual respect for one another, and the fact that they can all be so good at hanging out together attests to their maturity levels as well.

Rodney discussed that he and Nayte still talk every day, just like they did on the show, and Michelle still gives Rodney advice on anything in life he might need help with.

Their relationships work at the end of the day, and all three are incredibly happy. For the entire podcast episode with Michelle, Rodney, and Nayte, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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